Elderly Women’s Brains function better with Daily Low Dose Aspirin Regimen

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(Best Syndication News) - Brain function declined less in elderly women who took a daily low-dose aspirin. These women, who were also at a high risk for heart disease, had less mental decline compared to women who did not take the daily aspirin. The study results were published in the online journal BMJ Open.

The researchers suggest that inflammation associated with heart disease may also influence the way the brain ages.

In the study, 681 women between 70 and 92 were investigated. Out of these women, 601 were at a high risk for having heart disease or a stroke. Their risk was at a 10 percent rate or higher, based on the Framingham scale.

The women were tested on their physical and mental abilities. The brain function tests included verbal fluency, memory speed, and dementia.

These women were tracked for five years. At the end of the five years, the researchers were able to test 489 women for mental abilities again.

One hundred twenty-nine women were taking a daily regimen of low-dose aspirin (75 to 160 mg). Additionally, 94 women were taking other kinds of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).

While all of the mental abilities test scores fell on average, the decline was significantly less in 66 women who were taking daily aspirin for the entire five years compared to the rest of the group. Even after adjusting for factors such as age, genetic factors, use of other NSAIDs, and risk score, the daily aspirin takers had better mental function scores.

The women who took aspirin for the entire five years had a higher MMSE score compared to the women who had not taken aspirin at all.

Even though the women had better mental abilities when taking the aspirin, there were no differences in the rate for developing dementia.

The researchers say that their study was based on observation and that MMSE testing cannot measure any slight changes in cognitive function. The study however, suggests that women who are at high risk of heart attack or stroke may also protect their brain power by taking aspirin.

By: Marsha Quinn
Health Reporter

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