Microsoft introduces new Windows Phone 8 OS for Smartphones

credit: Microsoft

(Best Syndication News) - Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) revealed their Windows Phone 8 operating system in San Francisco Monday. The new operating system complements the new Windows 8 operating system for computers.

The Windows Phone 8 mobile smartphones will go on sale starting in November. Nokia, Samsung, and HTC will offer the operating system on some of their smartphones. The major carriers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, along with others, will supply the Windows Phone-8 supported devices.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 will incorporate “Live Tiles” that the user can arrange on their smartphone. The tiles, which can be displayed in three sizes and 20 different colors, can provide some multitasking/viewing functionality.

“Live Apps” received even more buzz at the OS launch in San Francisco today. This feature can be pinned to a user’s lock-screen wallpaper, which will stream up-to-date information about airline flights, coupon deals, Facebook posts, and more. Currently, the Windows Phone Store offers around 120,000 apps. The apps include popular games like Angry Birds.

The phone can be set up to be child-friendly with “Kid’s Corner”. This function will let parents configure their phone to make sure their kids are only playing games and not deleting, texting, or accidentally purchasing things.

Social networking is added with a “Rooms” feature. Other people who have a Windows Phone 8 will be able to chat and share things such as calendars, shopping lists, or photos with only the group of people who were invited to the “room.” Some features of Rooms are useable with other mobile phones users that do not have Windows Phone 8. A Skype app will be coming soon to allow for even more socializing.

Another built-in feature is “Data Sense”. This feature will compress data-transfers so it will take longer to use-up the monthly data transfer limits. If free Wi-Fi is available, the phone will use that option automatically. If the monthly data transfer limit is nearing, the Data Sense feature will notify the user. Verizon will be the first to offer Data Sense in the US; other service providers will add the Data Sense option next year.

The “Wallet” features will hold all your debit, credit, loyalty, and membership card information on your phone. With the near-field communication incorporated in the phone, this information can be sent wirelessly to the payment terminal in stores.

Cloud computing is built-in with “SkyDrive”. This will allow users to edit a document using their mobile phone, and then pick up where they left off on their laptop.

By: Julie Marcus
Science and Technology Writer

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