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(Best Syndication News) - Having bundles of friends on Facebook may sound cool, but a new report suggests that the more social the person is online the more stressful social media becomes. The report from the University of Edinburgh Business School found that adding employers, parents, and more groups of people into their Facebook friends circle, the more likely a person will be stressed from the activity.

The stress factor comes out when the user is sharing their life on Facebook that might not be acceptable to some of their online social circles. Usually this behavior involved swearing, being reckless, drinking, or smoking.

Now that Facebook has become popular even with older people, the problem faced with the younger users experiencing stress is increasing. The report points out that around 55 percent of parents follow their children on Facebook. Employers also follow their employees around half the time.

About seven different social circles of friends are average. The most common friend on Facebook is someone the user knows offline (97 percent). Family members were friended 81 percent of the time, while siblings were friended 80 percent of the time. Around 69 percent would friend a friend of a friend. Colleagues were friended 65 percent of the time.

There was a trend for exes to be friended more often than the person’s current love interest or spouse. Only 56 percent were friends with their boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse on Facebook. However, 64 percent were friends with their exes.

To gather this information, the researchers surveyed over 300 Facebook users. Most of the participants were students with an average age of 21.

Surprisingly, even though the Facebook users had numerous social circles, only one-third opted to use privacy settings to restrict information on their Facebook profile. The settings allow the user to decide which group of friends will see the information that is posted.

By: Julie Marcus
Science and Technology Writer

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