County Wins Award for their Vision Statement

San Bernardino County Map

(Best Syndication News) The county of San Bernardino won the 2012 Good Government Award for their work on the water inventory and County Vision. Water departments throughout the county – both up and down the hill – collaborated to determine how much water was available.

The Countywide Vision Element Group reports that some individual water agencies may not meet the increased demand over the next twenty years, but if the various companies and water districts work together there will be an ample supply. The goal is to produce enough water for residents and businesses through 2035.

“This is the year of ‘we,’”Kirby Brill, general manager of the Mojave Water Agency said. “There will be much more of an emphasis on working together in the context of the Countywide Vision,” added Brill, a member of the Vision Water Element Group.

The Element Group says we will barely make our commitments. They expect the demand to exceed supply sometime around 2035, but a combined effort to conserve and produce water may extend that date.

“We will have enough only if all things come together – investment and behavior modification,” said Celeste Cantu’, general manger of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority and another member of the Vision Water Element Group.

The Baldy View chapter of the Building Industry Association recognized the county. David Wert, a spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors (BOS), says this was the first ever Countywide Water Inventory.

Last year, the BOS proposed developing a Countywide Vision, and Wert says the water project is just part of a vision statement. Business leaders and other stakeholders have been meeting monthly to discuss the inventory and county vision.

By: Nicole Wilson



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