Two Free eBooks about NASA’s Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes available

Credit: NASA and STScI

(Best Syndication News) – The Space Telescope Science Institute released two free eBooks which discuss the NASA Hubble Space Telescope and the NASA James Webb Space Telescope. The free eBooks can be read with an Apple iPad or through the free iBooks app. There is also a downloadable PDF version available for those people who are not set up with a reader.

The new eBooks are written at a high-school reading level and give a thorough explanation of the telescope’s functions and the images that were captured along the way. Scientific minded individuals will be fascinated to learn more about the history of telescopes and of the deep-space discoveries. The photos captured by the telescopes are astounding and beautiful to look at from an artistic perspective.

The two books complement each other, as the NASA Hubble Space Telescope was the predecessor to NASA’s Webb Space telescope. The books discuss how scientist built the telescopes, where they traveled in space, and provides some of the images captured. In the book, “Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries,” the writers chronicles the twenty years of discoveries made. Both books discuss how each telescope was made and the history behind people who designed them.

The Apple iPad version of the eBooks offers interactive image galleries and videos. For example, a reader can watch a galaxy-collision simulation video. They could also navigate around a telescope model to get different views of planetary nebulae.

To get the free digital books on the NASA Hubble and Webb Space Telescopes, visit

By: Julie Marcus
Science and Technology Writer

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