New Year’s Resolutions bring Weight Loss Programs Center Stage

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(Best Syndication News) - With the New Year comes a list of resolutions or goals that people want to achieve during the coming year. One of the top goals is to lose weight and to get physically fit. To help get on the right track, there are many weight loss programs and books available. Many of the weight loss programs cost money, but there are some free ones available.

Some of the trends in weight loss are counting and tracking the calories you eat, focusing on eating nutritionally dense foods, keeping physically active, and staying away from processed foods. Here are some of the weight loss tools that are interesting in 2013.

NBC’s “Today” host and weatherman, Al Roker, announced a new book he and Laura Morton wrote, Never Goin' Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle For Good. The new book discusses Al’s weight loss struggles and how he works to keep the weight off. Roker had undergone gastric bypass to lose the bulk of his weight. He discusses the pitfalls and benefits involved with this weight loss tool. On the "Today" TV show, Roker shared some of the tips that helped him shed some of the weight he regained. He drinks protein shakes, and he does weight training to build his muscles. He also tries to eat food that has not been processed.


Retailers are getting involved with more than just selling you the fitness equipment. Sears devotes a section of their stores to selling fitness equipment, but now the retailer has a website called to help people kick start their weight loss goals.

Sears has put together a ‘Drop 5’ program that aims to help people lose at least five pounds in 30 days (or sooner). This is a free way to start losing weight. Sears tasked celebrity fitness expert Andrea Metcalf, who is the author of the book Naked Fitness, to come up with a weight loss program for their website. Metcalf explained that they decided to create a program with an achievable five-pound weight loss goal. The sessions are 10-minutes each; six different workouts tones different areas of the body. They also suggest the person do cardio workouts three times a week and the muscle toning workouts four days each week.

Weight Watchers rolled out a new program called Weight Watchers 360° in December 2012. This weight loss program builds on their PointsPlus® plan with the goal of establishing healthy eating habits for the long run. There are meetings to attend as well as online resources to help participants stay on track.

The US government has a free online tool to help people eat healthy and lose weight. At people can log in their food and get an idea of how healthy they are eating. At, a multitude of free information can help educate dieters on nutrition and physical activity. There are even sample menu plans and recipes to get you on the right path.

Another free online calorie and activity tracking tool is available at The simple tool makes it easy to log food intake. There is also a section to log physical activity. The website also has reports available so you can track your weight loss progress. This website also has a free mobile app to help those that are always on the go. This website is simple and straight forward and is great for those who want to quickly log in their food and activity.


Another popular free weight loss website is This website offers calorie tracking, menu plans, and workouts to guide you every step of the way. Navigating the website can be challenging at times, but it does offer an abundance of help and information at no cost. The community is rather large, so getting support from others is possible.

Remember to check-in with your doctor before starting an exercise or weight loss program.

By: Marsha Quinn
Health Reporter

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