Exercise and Arthritis – Exercise can be the Answer to Your Stiff Joints!

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Arthritis is a disease causing inflammatory chronic disorders affecting body joints and other parts of body. Problems like slow and limited motion of joints and long term joint stiffness are common in this condition. Exercise and arthritis are deeply related and if you are exercising regularly then you can greatly reduce the problems related to this painful state.

Arthritis damages body tissues and also affects shape and movements of joints. Regular exercise such as cycling, walking, swimming and low impact aerobic exercises can reduce joint pain. Some stretching exercise will assist you in keeping body joints such as knees flexible. Practice regular exercise and you can live a normal life even with arthritis!

Inflammation of joints from arthritis includes swelling, redness, joint stiffness and warmth. Due to inflammation fluid gather within a joint and generally it happens with patients suffering from haemophilia or who have undergone anticoagulant therapy. Some types of arthritis leave effects on the skin resulting in rash or ulcers. People can see nodules under skin in rheumatoid arthritis. Exercises such as aerobic walking and quadriceps reduce the pain and disability which occur due to arthritis. Yoga is a great arthritis relief tool and you can obtain manifold benefits from it.

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Regular exercise is the way to control body weight which is the major cause of arthritis. Exercise keep you stress free and provide relief as well as activeness to your body and mind. For getting better result it is necessary to keep good balance between exercise and arthritis disease. If you find that any exercise is increasing the problem of arthritis then you should immediately stop doing it. However, the best practice would be to first consult your doctor before taking up any exercise program.

Many causes are responsible for arthritis in people like hereditary or genetics, obesity resulting in physical stress on joints, damage in joints, and hormonal changes in body and metabolic and nerves system of body. Apart from this ecological factors and old age is the also the cause for arthritis. Regular practice of exercises keeps these problems away from you by maintaining the balance of body.



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