Interior Decorating - Let's Warm Up The Decor For Winter

Interior Decorating - Let's Warm Up The Decor For Winter

Summer its on the way out --- The cool autumn winds along with the beautiful colored leaves falling may start you yearning for a cozier warmer decor. Plus, we all know how quickly fall will turn into winter, with its cold and snowy forecast. Yes, it is definitely time to warm the place up

Early fall is the perfect time to start warming up your homes decor. With the holidays pending, and all the added hoopla that accompanies them, it's wise to get started early. You might be surprised with just a few simple changes your home can become a warm and inviting atmosphere for your family and friends to enjoy.

When it comes to making a home feel warm and cozy, all homes are not created equal? With the many styles of homes our there, the newer homes with their cavernous great rooms, and vaulted ceilings are more challenging, and can pose problems when it comes to making them feel warm and cozy.

To get started, divide the room into several smaller groupings, using furniture groupings to make areas inviting, and geared to a given purpose, such as an area in front of a fireplace, to sit and enjoy conversation, along with the warm fire. Another great area grouping, add a book shelve to a corner along with comfy chair for read a good book. Also, perhaps an area with a small game table, and a few high backed chairs, for having a challenging game of chess.

Wall color in a room can make all the difference. Darker colors tend to warm up a lager room. Wall paper with larger patterns will also make the room take on a warmer feeling. Moldings should be substantial, and a bit ornate, this will give the elusion that the ceiling is lower, and also adds a very well built sturdiness to a home.

Furniture should be large, small pieces will take on a dwarf out of place look in a large room. Use wonderful upholstered sofas and chairs, covered heavy tapestries, velvets or other heavy fabrics. When it comes to wood, I am an advocate of mixing wood tones. In a larger room if you choose to use glass tables, please make sure they are large, and incorporate ornate wood in there design. The same with the use of mirrors; make sure they have an interesting wood used in the design, and that they are again large and give the elution of heaviness. Include tall bookcases or entertainment centers. These pieces are not only useful to store electronic components, but will add charm to the room.

The larger spaces love accessories and plants. Large spaces will accommodate the wonderful larger pieces of art, along with the larger nick narks. Potted trees and plants are also a must. For scale, when choosing plants and trees make sure to match the scale of a tall ceiling.

Another wonderful tip to make that large room take on a cozier feel, create small room dividers. This can be done by using larger pieces, such as book shelves, screens, a grouping of plants. Experiment, you might be surprised at what allusions you can create.

Let us move on to homes that are more diverse in style. Homes that have rooms that are well separated, such as living room dinning room and such, these homes are somewhat easier to deal with when it comes to making them warm and cozy for the winter months. Let's start with throw pillows, and throws. Throw pillows and throws are an instant warmer upper. Just choose fabrics such as velvets, mohair or chenille, keep in the warm in tone. Also keep in mind the colors of your furniture when choosing. Before shopping consult a color wheel. A color wheel will provide you on just the right warm tones to match your furniture. Bring in some of the fall foliage, bitter sweet, pine cones in a bowl, use your imagination. Bare dried sticks can make a statement if done up in the right vase. Stack some logs by the fireplace in an oversized basket. When using a throw, make it a show piece, thrown just right over that comfy chair. Wonderful darker texture rugs are a must. Layering rugs is also a good way to add texture and warmth to a room, also if you have a wonderful rug that you feel is more than a rug hang it up and display it on just the right wall.

It's always great to change up drapes in the winter; darker heavy textured drapes will instance warmth. So you say your furniture is light, and just can't pull off winter warmth with new pillows. Invest in slip covers. There are lovely slip covers out there.

If possible move that furniture around a bit. Get a chair or two closer to the fire side. Add a table with a good book, and some family photo's. What could be greater than the fire and good memories of times gone by? Decrease glare, soften up your rooms lighting, iridescent bulbs are great for this. Better yet bring in the candles. Candles in wonderful copper or brass holders will really add just the right flare, plus if the candles are a bit scented with vanilla, pine, spice, it will be oh so nice... Candles place near mirrors give a magical effect.

Having guests in for the holidays? Want to make it a visit they won't soon forget? Pamper your holiday guests, make sure their linens and towels are fresh daily, and placed in their room. Don't forget to splash linens and towels with a bit fragrance. Add to the night stand a basket of goodies, such as hand made soap, guest shampoos, talc, and use your imagination. Don't forget to add a little edible goody each night, to send them off to sleep with a little sweet treat.

As you can see it really isn’t difficult to add small inexpensive touches to your home. Look for touches that will not only warm up the decor, but warm the hearts of everyone that lives in or visits your home.

By Sharon Stajda

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