Vietnamese President Thanks US For Money To Deal With Agent Orange And Dioxin After War – Bush Meets Nguyen Minh Triet

Vietnamese President Thanks US For Money To Deal With Agent Orange And Dioxin After War – Bush Meets Nguyen Minh Triet

Triet and Bush

(Best Syndication) President Bush welcomed Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet to the Whitehouse on Friday. The President spoke to reporters after the reception saying that the United States wanted good political and economic relations with the Southeast Asian country.

Triet has traveled through the United States the past few days meeting with Americans. He said via a translator “It's very impressive that yesterday I had a chance to visit a farmer who raised grapes. And the life is very happy, and they have a warmth of feelings toward Vietnam. And the owner had to hug me several times, hesitating to say good-bye to us. And that demonstrates the desire for friendship between our two peoples.”

DNA tests confirms Eddie Murphy is father of Scary Spice's newborn Baby Daughter

DNA tests confirms Eddie Murphy is father of Scary Spices newborn Baby Daughter

Forever CD - Spice Girls

[Best Syndication] Melanie Brown, 32, from the former girl group “The Spice Girls” confirmed that DNA tests showed Eddie Murphy is the father of her two month old daughter.

Brown was so certain that Eddie Murphy was dad even before the DNA paternity test results came back that she named her daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. The baby was born on April 3rd.

DNA paternity testing confirms that there is a 99% probability that Murphy is the father, which likely means that yep he’s the dad.

People magazine reported that Brown told them back in May that Murphy was not willingly going to take a DNA test and did not contact her since the birth of their daughter.

Space Shuttle Lands In High Desert At Edwards Air Force Base

Sonic Boom Startles Southern California Residents As Shuttle Lands – Space Station Solar Panels Installed and Working

STS-117 Landing

(Best Syndication) The Space Shuttle Atlantis safely landed at California’s Edwards Air Force Base after a record-setting spaceflight by Mission Specialist Suni Williams. Suni broke the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman early in the morning on June 16. During her mission at the International Space Station she was in space for 194 days, 18 hours and 58 minutes.

Commander Rick Sturckow and Pilot Lee Archambault were at the controls when Atlantis landed at 3:49 p.m. EDT. The sonic boom startled many southern California residents. Some Californians thought an earthquake had occurred because it sounded like something had hit their homes.

Microdermabrasion: Acne Skin Care Made Simple

Microdermabrasion: Acne Skin Care Made Simple

Stock Photo

Although microdermabrasion originally rose to popularity as a very effective means of reducing the visible signs of aging, it is quickly gaining popularity as a highly effective acne skin care technique.

Microdermabrasion is a powerful tool for acne skin care. Not only can microdermabrasion help heal active acne breakouts, it can also reduce the occurrence of future breakouts. It can even help eliminate certain types of acne scarring.

Powerful Exfoliating Properties
Microdermabrasion is not a painful procedure, even though it is hard to tell this from a description of the process. The best analogy for how microdermabrasion works for acne skin care is that of sandblasting.

Chilling Executive Order Signed By Bush Allows For Martial Law In Event Of An Emergency–Doesn't Call For Congressional Oversight

Chilling Executive Order Signed By Bush Allows For Martial Law In Event Of An Emergency – Doesn't Call For Congressional Oversight

President Bush

(Best Syndication) With little fanfare President Bush singed National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive NSPD-51 / HSPD-20 which grants the Federal Government comprehensive powers in the event of “Catastrophic Emergency”. The document says it is intended to provide for “State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector organizations” in the event of an emergency, but some civil libertarians call the executive order a threat to our freedom.

The directive defines a catastrophic emergency as any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions.

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