Losing Hair After Hair Transplant : What To Expect

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Like all hair transplant patients, Annie Jenfield religiously followed the advice of her physician to wash her hair gently following her hair replacement surgery. In the first 12 days after her hair transplant, she used only water to "virtually pat away excess oil and then let it dry naturally without combing". She even choose to not use shampoo although her physician did not instruct her to avoid it.

When her stitches were removed 12 days later, her doctor confirmed that
she can finally use shampoo to gently wash her hair in the shower." The problem begins when scabs started falling out - which is normal, if not for some of the transplanted hair sticking to those. "I see hair on my pillows and in the shower along with the scabs, and it made me freak out. My scalp were more noticeable and I'm going back to square one," Annie recalled her nightmare.

By the third week, she was no different from before her hair replacement surgery, and upon her follow-up appointment with her doctor, she was told that she might have to bear with it for the next 5 months or so. "So it was back to wearing hair extension for me," she added.

It may appear that Annie's hair transplant flopped, but Dr. Verret, a facial plastic surgeon in north Dallas said there's nothing to worry about. According to Dr.Verret, "When a transplant is performed, the hair may fall out because of ‘shock’ but the follicle stays behind." While falling hair is normal, it may take months before the hair follicles become active again after its catagen (resting) phase. Dr. Verret also note that "In about 4-6 months, the follicle will reenter the growth cycle and a new hair will grow."
Annie is not alone in this dilemma, as she soon find out, "My doctor did mention this to me before surgery, although I do not expect it to be so bad. After searching through online forums, I found that many people are having the exact condition." In fact, it will take one year for the transplant to be considered 'mature' but it will look exactly the same after that.

Annie found more than people with similar problem on the internet as she points out, "There's so much information on how to take care of you hair after a hair
replacement surgery. One site suggest that I can continue to use my hair tonic prior to my hair transplant and it has greatly speed up my new hair growth."

On asked whether she will still go for a hair transplant if she was aware of this 'bald phase', Annie remained enthusiastic, "The prospect of having permanent real hair is too much to resist." She stressed that it is important for patients to prepare themselves for what is going to happen ahead by having a thorough talk with their doctor.

Having new hair growth on transplant sites will not be the end of one's quest for a permanent hair loss remedy as the majority of patients will require a few
sessions of hair transplant to achieve their desired results. In Annie Jenfield's case, "My newly grown hair has been worth the wait. Now I'm going back to get my second session done."

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