Anti Aging Foods: Eat Right To Feel Good And Look Younger

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There are so many new health stores coming out all the time now that it can be difficult to keep up to date with them. Who really knows what all the new ‘super foods’ are? But there are a few of these healthy food developments that you really should be aware of.

You should be in the know about foods which help your anti-aging efforts. Some foods can really help you to maintain firmer, younger looking skin. Of course, the right foods can also help you to keep your figure in trim, too. Those are the health foods that you should know about, and when you’ve read this article – you will!

Recently, anti-aging research has uncovered three foods that you may not be familiar with yet, but which you should acquaint yourself with, as they are potentially a great help in your anti-aging efforts.

Let’s have a closer look at these three anti-aging superfoods in more detail:

Acai Berries or Acai Powder

Acai berries are a real power house of anti-aging compounds that can help to keep you feeling healthy and looking younger.

The firs thing that you should know about Acai berries is that they are full of antioxidants. Now, we already know that antioxidants are great at combating the damage that the sun does to our skin and also other effects of aging. Antioxidants are also great at keeping your skin looking younger and combating free radicals, which are a main cause of aging, as they damage the cells of the skin.

Acai berries are a rich source of phytonutrients, and these help with the health of all the cells in the body. Also, these berries are full of flavinoids, which are anti-inflammatory and great for reducing wrinkles and even for improving acne.

Acai berries are also a good source of essential fatty acids, and these help the body to renew cells and produce more of them. This regeneration of the cells is, of course, useful for anti-aging.

Acai berry juice can be difficult to track down but more health food stores are stocking it now. It’s worth tracking it down and adding it to your diet. For instance, you could add Acai berry juice or even the powder to smoothies.


Spirulina makes a great anti-aging food. This food is particularly good for people who are already elderly and who might not eat so well. Spirulina is a safe food supplement and packed with many nutrients that lots of us are deficient in due to our poor modern diets.

Spirulina has, experts say, been around for billions of years. It’s an algae which is rich in nutrients that we could all benefit from taking.

Spirulina has the highest proportion of protein of any food, at sixty per cent. Also, Spirulina has an added benefit in that the protein which it contains is much easier to digest than that which is normally found in foods which a high proportion of protein.

As if all this wasn’t a good enough excuse to eat Spirulina, you should also know that this food has other nutritional benefits such as Beta Carotene, and that is said to help prevent you from developing certain cancers. It also has great anti-aging properties. Other anti-aging compounds which Spirulina contains are: amino acids, iron, and Vitam B12 and Vitamin E.


Chorella is another protein-rich algae and has many other beneficial nutrients too. Actually, it gets better – Chlorella has been dubbed a “complete protein” because it has an ideal combination of proteins and carbohydrates. That means that Chlorella in itself contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that one should have in a single meal.

Chlorella can also lower high blood pressure levels and reduce cholesterol as well as speeding up the body’s ability to cure itself of sores, wounds and abrasions.

These three anti-aging superfoods might have been new to you, but I bet you now want to know more about what they can do for you. If it’s as easy as eating the right foods to make you feel good and look younger, wouldn’t you want to know the right foods to eat?

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