Anti Aging Skin Care: How The Raw Diet Can Help Your Skin Look Younger

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Aging may be natural but that doesn't mean you have to give in to it. You can still look good as you grow older. A big part of that is having skin which looks younger. How do you do that? Well, you can start by checking out the raw diet and how that can help your anti-aging efforts.

The raw diet has a number of celebrity fans such as Donna Karan and Carol Alt. That has given the raw diet a lot of publicity recently but don't make the mistake of thinking that the raw diet is just for celebrities. This is a healthy diet for anyone to follow and it will enable you to reduce the internal and external signs of aging.

As you may guess from the name, the raw diet involves eating raw foods for the majority of your diet. You should aim for food that is unprocessed as well as uncooked, and as far as possible, organic. There is some cooking, but only to a given maximum temperature.

The raw food diet is not the same as a vegetarian diet. Of course, because it involves virtually no cooking, many of these diets only have you eating vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, but there are some raw food diets that allow you to eat meat and fish as well as unpasteurized cheese and dairy products.

The raw food diet gives many health benefits but probably most significant is just how healthy this raw food id. It has been reported to have healing properties as well as anti-aging characteristics.

The live enzymes we normally kill off in cooking remain intact in raw food. These will help your digestion and metabolism. Therefore, raw foods are of a higher nutritional value than cooked foods.

That's not all you need to know about raw food. You should also know that it contains good bacteria and other micro-organisms which help your intestines and digestion. They will help your immunity and give you energy. Your body has an easier time digesting raw food, so it can be fueled more easily and more quickly than with refined and processed foods that typically make up the modern diet.

A Vitamin B12 supplement is important when you are following the raw diet because we get this vitamin from meat and so, on this diet you may not get enough of that. However, you can also get Vitamin B12 from nuts and seeds so make sure you eat plenty of these foods.
One thing you may really like about the raw diet is that you get to eat more food. There is no real need to watch calories on a raw diet and you will probably need to eat more to stay feeling satisfied, as this food is easily digested.

When you start the raw food diet you will go through a detoxification process. You may have headache of feel slightly nauseous but it shouldn't last long. Start slowly and give your stomach time to adjust to raw foods.

Almost anyone can eat a raw food diet and it can be a big part of any ant-aging routine. The antioxidants in the raw food will help you to not only look young but to feel years younger too. So now we've told you how much good the raw diet can do for your anti-aging aging efforts, why aren't you trying it?

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