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If you’re in the process of setting up a home gym for the first time and you don’t know much about exercise equipment, you’ll find the many choices can be confusing. It’s smart to examine the major types of machines available before setting out to buy. Take a look at what different machines do and compare them against your needs. When looking for fitness equipment for home use, it’s also important once machine styles are decided upon to study the brand options available to find the best exerciser you.

There are many choices when it comes to choosing the best home exercise equipment and home gyms, but the options can be broken down into a few major categories:

Holistic: Machines that fall into this class give users a great workout for every major muscle group, or close to it, and also provide better cardiovascular exercising options. These include home fitness equipment such as treadmills, elliptical trainers and rowing machines. These machines should provide a variety of programming options, safety features, feedback monitors and challenge level changes that are easily employed to be considered the best. Fitness machines in this category are best for people who want one machine to do it all.

Targeted: Fitness machines such as a stair stepper, cross-country trainer and an exercise bike fall into this class. They all provide great exercises, but are sometimes limited to specific muscle groups. These are wonderful additions for equipping a home gym – especially for someone who likes to mix up their routines and use more than one machine for variety and to keep interest piqued. One of the better features of all of these is that even though they target specific areas for the most part, they all provide cardio benefits as well.

Strength training: Equipment that falls into this category includes simple weight benches, free weights, and home fitness gyms such as Smith machines. These will all help build and tone muscles and in some cases provide a better total workout program if aerobics and other exercises are added to the mix.

When you compare the choices of different kinds of home fitness and exercise equipment available, remember to choose pieces that compliment your home exercise needs and tastes. If you want to stay fit it doesn’t pay to buy a machine you won’t use.

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