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The last thing you need with a chip shot is leaving it short. Ideally, you want to get the ball close to the hole or sink it, if you’re lucky enough. Getting it close or sinking it isn’t so easy on long chip shots. That’s when knowing how to chip with a 3-wood comes in handy. It’s ideal for chips where you want to add more heft and loft to a shot than an iron can give you, and still get the ball close.

Consider using a 3-wood in the following four situations:

* The ball rests on hard, firm dry ground and short grass
* The green is above the ball and you have to chip up
* No bunkers or really long patches of grass block your way
* You have an opening to the green over which to roll the ball

Chipping with a 3-wood propels the ball lower on the ground than an iron, but it gives the ball a more immediate hop than a putter, which has 4 to 5 degrees of loft or less. The 3-wood’s head provides more force when it strikes the ball, making the ball go farther with less effort, enhancing your touch on short grass. Naturally, you have to temper your swing a bit.

The only disadvantage of using a 3-wood to chip is that you need to stand farther away from the target line because of the club’s longer shaft. To compensate, stand behind the ball before taking the shot and carefully line it up. Otherwise, use the 3-wood to chip in the same way you use an iron.

Chipping with the 3-wood is tricky, so you need to practice it to get comfortable with it before you can use it effectively. Nevertheless, it comes in handy at times, and when used in the right situations, helps you cut strokes from your scores.

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