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Arthritis simply describes a much suffering problem in terms of pains and disabling the patient. It targets the large joints of the body and restricts their functioning such as movement; bending and ultimately it can cause the joint deformity. Unfortunately, there is no concrete cause or cure for arthritis however; in any case, it is quite possible to have arthritis pain relief. Nevertheless, the treatment or therapy to treat arthritis is essentially focused on arthritis pain relief management.

There are many therapies to control the pain of arthritis and also to reduce the inflammation and discomfort. Heat therapy is said to be very effective in treating the pain and swelling of arthritic joints. This is where aromatherapy can enhance the formula and can accelerate the healing pace of the arthritis. Aromatic heat bath and massaging the affected area using herbal extract oil is a great way to promote relieving pain and inflammation in the body joints. There are many wonderful herbs those possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities those can be massaged directly onto the arthritis affected region.

Arthritis pain relief can also be obtained using some medicated arthritis massage oil such as Sweet Almond or Olive. It is quite easy to make your own arthritis massage oil. For this, take an ounce of carrier oil, 4 drops of Cedarwood oil, 3 drops of Vetiver oil, and 4 drops of Lemon oil. Mix them thoroughly in the carrier oil and store it in a bottle, preferably amber colored. Alternatively, you can also add this wonderful solution to a bath of hot water that offers immediate penetrating arthritis pain relief. However, soak in to this medicated solution for about 20 minutes in order to see good results.

The motto to prevent arthritis occurring in the first place is keeping the body supple and flexible. It is not a secret anymore that best prevention method is practicing yogasanas. Yoga is now also backed with lots of clinical trials and researches that it helps to keep joints supple and flexible. Some holistic health care providers also suggest undergoing the Pranayama therapy, the breathing techniques that not only helps in preventing all body aches but it is also very beneficial in keeping the bodily hormones and enzymes in harmony.

In Ayurveda, arthritis pain relief is possible when you undergo some therapy called as Panchakarma that includes a special massage technique using some potential herbal extracts' oil that possess natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. However, such external therapies are to be combined with some internal medications using some herbal decoctions. Herbs such as shallaki, ashwagandha, guggulu, shunthi are reported to alleviate the arthritic symptoms and are also good as arthritis pain relief.

Alternative therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture, Thai massage, aromatherapy and physiotherapy are also good to have an arthritis pain relief. However, scientific evidences and clinical trials for all these are still under research.

You can also go for some Ayurvedic arthritis oil that is readily available on the market however; one should consult a doctor prior to using that oil.

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