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If you are looking for a digital camera that doubles up for your camcorder also, the Sony DSC T500 digital camera is the perfect choice for you. The power packed digital camera is surprisingly loaded with high tech features of a camcorder as well. Sony’s 10 mega pixel camera is equipped with a wide 720 pixel movie recording screen at 30 frames per second recording in standard, fine and VGA recording modes. The resolution of the Sony DSC T500 supersedes the standard definition by 3 times.

Sony DSC T500 – The Camera

The ultra compact Sony DSC T500 digital camera has few parallels in terms of its attractive looks. Adding to the beauty is the touch screen that replaces a host of buttons and gives the camera a neat look. Also a unique feature is its sliding lens that disappears when the camera is shut.

Highlight of he features is the impressive 3.5 inch touch sensitive LCD. The Sony DSC T500 digital camera is a perfect example of a high end product at substantial pricing.

Sony DSC T500 – Key Features
The Sony DSC T500 digital camera is equipped with a Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens with a wide field of view (33 – 165 mm, 35 mm equivalency). The camera also facilitates flash free shooting and helps combat blur and shaky videos thanks to the Optical SteadyShot™ feature. The camera also features face detection technology, a technology that allows the camera to automatically detect up to eight faces in the screen’s frame and accordingly adjust focus, exposure and flash.

The Sony DSC T500 can be connected to a compatible HD television via an HDMI™ cable (the cable needs to be bought separately). While most of the cameras in the category allow videos and images to be viewed as a slide show, the Sony DSC T500 digital camera allows you to incorporate music to your slide shows for added fun.

Navigating through the features of the camera is pretty simple. The Sony DSC T500 digital camera makes uploading videos even easier with three formats of movie available. Plugging the camera into the TV is even simpler thanks to the docking station provided with the camera. One concern with the camera though is the poor battery life. A high tech gadget like this one does deserve some real battery to do justice to the functions of the camera. An overall all rounder, the camera is a power performer with fun factor.

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