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Photography is an art. It is quite different from painting but its origin is painting. In the initial stage of human being there was only painting without colours but now in the digital age there is various aspect of painting and photography.

Origin of painting shows the activity and need of human being. Painting was the tale of real life. When human being feels something to show others then they paint on the wall or on others panel.

In the digital age there is no need to mix colours on the paper because there is technology which brings all the colours and scene in single button. Still we are making painting on clothes or papers but they have not much worth like photos.

Both have own importance according to the situations. Situational images and paintings show the some real things in photos. All the photos or images create a scene for a situation. So, every imaginary scene contains a real life’s situation.

During the photography and painting people should care some useful tips that are:

Imagine has broader aspect so, never imagine should bound in narrower sense.

For the natural beauty people should take images in the open and spontaneously.

In the photography spontaneous is better than conscious.

For the better photos better digital cameras are most important for better pictures resolution. If the camera has better resolution then the broader and open scene will have captured with a better scene.

For the natural photography either evening or morning is better.

In the world for the photography or painting most of the people are famous for their great job. There is much scope to explore our thought in the world by photography or painting. If we have broader sense and better thought then we can show our expression on either painting or image. All the images in the world have its own situation so; situational photography or paintings have real sense.

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