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As spring is here, if you love gardening than it will be an exciting time for you whether you have a small garden, are keeping or hanging pots in your balcony, have a large garden etc. We all love a container that has colorful flowers as it is very appealing to the eyes.

When gardening, it’s best to use a bigger pot than a smaller one as it will hold more moisture and will have more space for the roots rather than the latter one. Remember if the roots are healthy , the flowers will be healthy as well. There are flowers that are best when planted in early spring.There are certain flowers that won’t be harmed by the changes in the temperature. Such flowers should be planted in the spring.

The best example of this are the Roses. They have to be planted in the early spring and they bloom in the fall. Most of these types of plants which are planted in the spring, bloom in the fall. The reason for that is when you plant roses in the early part of spring, this gives them a chance to have established roots by the time winter arrives.

Pansies, forget-me-nots, primroses, columbines, astrenia, bat flowers,anemone,lilies are just some of the plants which are best to plant in the spring. These flowers when planted early are sure to add color and warmth to your garden and will most likely survive the possibility of unexpected frost.

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