Acai Juice

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Acai juice is one of the best antioxidants out there in a natural form and people often take it to be healthy and even to lose weight. There are many different forms that Acai juice can be found in. This is very convenient for people as they can buy the one that fits best into their schedule. It may also come down to a matter of what you can find in your area.

Acai Juice

The Acai juice that most people consume comes from the berries themselves. This is the healthiest form that they are offered in. However, they have to be shipped all over the world from the Himalayas which can make them very expensive. They also will rot soon if you don’t consume them fast.

This is why so many people skip that berry form of Acai juice and drink it. You can find it in several forms this way too. For example there are containers of it and you just pour yourself a glass when you are ready for it. The taste is one most people like and it isn’t too sweet or too bitter. You can also get the liquid extract that you add a few drops to a glass of water to create your own.

Acai Juice Pulp

If you are worried about the fresh berries rotting before you can consume them, you may consider the pulp version. It can be frozen and then thawed out when you need some of it. You can buy a large amount of it this way and thaw out what you will consume for a week at a time. This way you always have it on hand but you don’t have to worry about any of it going bad before you consume it.

Acai Powder

The powder format of Acai juice is one that many people find to be convenient. You just add some of the powder to water. It makes it very simple to take this type of product with you while travelling or to have in your desk at the office.

Acai Supplements

Convenience is the driving force behind the pill form of Acai juice. As a supplement you can just swallow the capsules and get back to your daily routine. They are very affordable too which most people like. The fact that you can take this with your daily vitamin means you are less likely to forget so you get all the benefits from the Acai juice every single day.

Since Acai juice offers so many great benefits, you need to find the format of it that is the most convenient for your budget as well as for you to take. No matter what form you prefer it in, make sure it is 100% juice though. Too many of the products out there aren’t offering you the same level of benefits that you are expecting so make sure you look into it before you buy any Acai juice products.

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