How To Do Facial Massage To Look Younger

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While it does seem like such a sinful luxury to many, a facial massage is a great tool to use in your quest for eternal beauty. If you've ever had a back massage, foot massage, or shoulder massage, you know how wonderful they make you feel afterwards — like five or ten years has been lifted off your frame. The same can be said about a facial massage. More importantly, when it comes to facial massages, it not only feels as though five or ten years has been removed, it can look that dramatic too.

One other benefit of facial massage that impacts the youthful beauty of your skin is the fact that it also helps you unwind and de-stress. Stress causes much of the damage commonly associated with aging. When you remove the stress from your life, your body is able to focus on problems that cause actual damage to the skin and other potential health risks rather than surviving in its own form of perpetual panic mode. Yes, a facial massage can do all that. The good news is that you do not have to go to an expensive salon to receive these benefits. You can learn how to do facial massage yourself so that you can look younger without spending the really big bucks.

Begin at the center of the forehead. Move your fingers outwards in a circular motion. You should complete 6 circles. Do this three times and then press gently-this pressure should never feel painful-on the pressure points, found in the slightly depressed areas between the bones at the temples, for 3 seconds.

Start at the base of your throat. Then massage the cheeks in six circular movements beginning at the chin and moving to the earlobe. Keep your attention focused on the line of the jaw. Run your fingers in a gliding manner from the corners of the mouth to the middle ear area. Do this once again from the nostrils to the your temples and then back to the chin. These steps should each be repeated three times. Then you should once again gently press on the pressure points of your temples for three seconds.

Facial massage is a technique that has been used in Asia for centuries. We are just now beginning to realize exactly how beneficial it can be in your fight against wrinkles. When you combine the facial massage techniques with a massage oil that is designed for your specific skin types and needs the potency of this practice is greatly enhanced. Even if you can't afford a professional facial, you now have the knowledge to do your own facial massage and enjoy the healing power of this ancient beauty secret for yourself.

You will be amazed at how much better you look and feel after you've experienced this particular beauty treatment. There are few things on earth that can quite compare. Use the facial massage techniques above to look years younger today.

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