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Changing Trend of CDMA Handsets – Nokia 6275 Mobile Phone

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Though CDMA technology has been around for quite sometime now, it is only recently in the past few years that there has been a revolution in the CDMA mobile handset technology. The earlier cdma handsets were plain and simple, performing only the basic functions of mobile calling and messaging. CDMA technology required a dedicated handset for every connection and thus you could not keep changing your phone every so often. Changing your phone would mean changing your number too and the standard features provided almost gave the phone a feeling of something like a mobile, compact landline connection with a digital display.

With the passage of time the trend has been changing and CDMA handsets are competing big time with the technologically advanced GSM handsets. Mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia, LG Samsung etc are now making multifarious handsets with the latest features and technology for the CDMA segment. From basic low end models to highly sophisticated multi media, camera and business phones the CDMA handsets today have it all.

Alternative GSM handsets like Micromax expand presence in the market

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With the markets changing at such a fast pace and new companies mushrooming with more options almost everyday, the variety and choices available for each product are simply unbelievable. Especially in technology there are a whole lot of choices available, there’s something for everyone. Take mobile telephony for example, a simple technology that would allow communication on the go has now become so advanced that mobile phones do everything from photography to messaging to playing songs, everything. Initially started as a luxury, mobile phones have now become a commodity of basic need. Like with other commodities of basic need, say clothes go beyond the basic purpose of protecting the body – clothes enhance appearance, homes are more than just for shelter – homes are a social status and food serves the taste buds than just filling up the stomach, mobile phones are a reflection of ones social and professional personality.

Nokia – 3110 – The Dynamic Mobile Phone

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Nokia 3110 has large, easy to use keypad and easy to read display which gives an ease to your eyes. Contacts and calendar help you being up-to-date. It has good operating frequency with GSM Triband EGSM 900MHz, GSM1800/1900 MHz with the flexibility of automatic switching between frequencies. The user interface to is good – S40 interface, clear layout and easy-to-use keys, graphical demo based features accessible without SIM, user configurable right soft keys and side volume keys.

Do you require a flashy phone which runs on flash? If that’s one of your requirements then this one would suit your bill.

Let’s talk about the features of this phone first – good voice recording, file transfer from PC to phone, 512 memory card(with brown metallic model), video recorder multimedia and lots more. It has got 8.5 MB built in memory with the option of expanding it to 2GB with microSD card. With a talk time of upto 3.5 hrs and standby time of upto 16 days, it’s a good phone. As per the review done on the phone, people do not have any problem with the phone which states for its durability.

Apple iMac Rumors Swirl on March 24th Release Update – Apple iPhone Market Share Dominates for Mobile Web Phones

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[Best Syndication News] Rumors are buzzing on the internet with a possible updates being released for the Mac mini, the iMac, and the MacPro on March 24th.

According to they say a source told them that Apple is going to be holding an event on March 24th to unveil new desktop hardware. The last time Apple updated the Mac Mini was in August 2007.

Of course these are just rumors and they may be having any new products being announced at all.

Apple iPhone Popularity Remains Strong

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Smartphone off to a Bumpy Start

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[Best Syndication News] The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Smartphone with a built in touch screen has been put on hold because of technical problems. The Nokia 5800 is their answer to the Apple iPhone.

The problem with the Nokia 5800 is the earpiece is not protected from moisture. The company said that this will only affect a small number of phones.

According to Information Week, there has also been connetion problems rumoured with the AT&T 3G network in areas of Chicago and New York. They said that the problem isn’t happening in other areas. They think it is a problem with AT&T and not likely with the phone itself.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic mobile phone comes with a 3.2” widescreen display. It is a smartphone that combines photos, video and internet on the cell phone. The 16x9 ration with 30 frames per second recording and playback makes it a handy way to capture your memories. The digital camera is a 3.2 megapixel and is once click away from uploading to Ovi Share, Flickr, or Facebook if you want.

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