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When you purchase mobile phones you want to buy best cheap and branded mobiles must have the pciture quality, functionality, colours, models, sounds, memory, price, warranty and many more. Homeshop18 offers best mobile phones in lowest price. Please have a look below some details of mobile phones

(1). Nokia Mobile Phone Model No: 6810


• FM Radio, Qwerty Keyboard, Email, GPRS and WAP
• Built-in Handsfree, Long Battery Life
Image & Video:
• Camera: No, Flash Light: No, Image Editing: No


International Calling Plans to International Destinations

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International calls can be forwarded at cheap call rate. Technologies such as Voice over IP has made it possible. It is thus possible for a person living at any place of the world to terminate calls to others, no matter, wherever the end user may be located. Thus calls can be forwarded across Nations at charges that are very low.

Several websites have come up that cater to providing cheap international calls to people. These calls can be forwarded in accordance to the international calling plans. There are several lucrative calling plans that are introduced from time to time. The service providers of International calls offer unlimited calling plans and this is the reason why people can avail the benefits of low cost calling service.

Mobile Phones can cause an Allergic Reaction – Test Kit Available for Nickel Allergen

Mobile Phones can cause an Allergic Reaction – Test Kit Available for Nickel Allergen

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[Best Syndication News] If you are breaking out where you cell phone touched your skin, your not alone, around 1 out of 10 people are allergic to nickel which the cell phone can be made of according to dermatologist, Dennis Gross.

Gross visited on CBS’s ‘The Early Show’ this Friday to let us mobile phone users know that such an allergy exists. Gross said that it is just like a person being allergic to perfume or something else that comes in contact with the skin. The mobile phone containing nickel can touch the skin and cause a itchy, scaly rash to occur.

Gross said that you can order a kit online which can test for nickel in your cell phone. He explains that you dip a cotton swab into the solution and then rub it on your cell phone, if the cotton turns pink then there is nickel in it.

Costume jewelry contains nickel and many people are allergic to this.

Cell Phone Tower Radiation. Is It Dangerous?

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The sound of a guitar, an x-ray taken in a doctor's office, the warmth of the sun and energy generated in a nuclear power plant all have one thing in common they are forms of radiation. Radiation is the movement, or propagation of energy from one place to another. From a human perspective, some radiation are directly useful, and some destructive. Imagine your cell phone. Cell phones have transformed communications all over the world. However, would you believe that this very reliable gadget is killing you slowly?

Well, you have to attribute it to the fact that most people are unaware of the Radio frequency (RF) radiation that they're exposed to another word referring to radiation itself, in measured form. It's an invisible form of pollution. Probably the most dangerous and common source of radiation these days are cell phones and cell phone towers.

The Advantages of having a Landline Phone

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Methods of communication have come a long way since early man developed grunts into language and later worked out how to put words into writing. Now more than ever, information can be readily transmitted using methods such as the internet, television and phones.

Ever since Alexander Bell invented the telephone in 1876 it has transformed lives. Previous forms of communication - such as the telegraph and pony express - were less direct and a lot slower with many messages taking days to be delivered rather than seconds. The fact that phones are still popular well over a century later is testament to the quality of his invention. Indeed, with the almost universal use of mobile phones it could be argued that his work and the subsequent developments have never been more popular.

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