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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - Pre-order online for December Availability

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - Pre-order online for December Availability

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - Microsoft

(Best Syndication News) - Microsoft announced their newest generation computer Arc Touch Mouse which will flatten for easy transportation and arc up when you want to use it. The new Microsoft mouse also has a touch scroll strip that you move your finger over top it to scroll with both slow and fast scrolling based on your finger motion speed. The new computer mouse is designed for notebook users but would work on a desktop computer. It is available for pre-order for a December delivery.

More people are buying laptop based computers than ever before, but many still want to use a mouse for comfort and precision, which Microsoft explains their new design is great for those that want a mouse to take with them that is compact. The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is less than 15 millimeters thick at the widest part of the mouse. It can fit in a bag or a purse without taking up as much room. When you want to use the mouse you pop it up to get the arc that makes it comfortable to use, and collapse it when you want to store it or transport it.

Clearwire announces Rover Pay-As-You-Go 4G Mobile Broadband Service

Clearwire announces Rover Pay-As-You-Go 4G Mobile Broadband Service

Clearwire 4G USB Stick

(Best Syndication News) - Clearwire has rolled out their Rover unlimited Pay-As-You-Go 4G Mobile Broadband Service. Their service can be by the day, by the week or by the month. There are several different devices for connecting to the wireless Internet service, with one able to connect up to eight different Wi-Fi compatible devices.

Cost for the Rover PAYG Mobile Broadband Internet Service

  • $5 per day
  • $20 by the week
  • $50 by the month
  • Pay-As-You-Go service means that there is no contract that you sign. You decide how much time you want and you can continue your service or end your service at anytime without having to worry about penalties. Another name for this kind of service is called “Prepaid” plans.

    Vonage Mobile Phone App - Free Voip calls to Facebook Friends

    Vonage Mobile Phone App - Free Voip calls to Facebook Friends

    screenshot of

    (Best Syndication News) - Vonage has announced a mobile phone app for Facebook. The new Vonage software app for mobile phones lets users make free calls from their cellphone to all of their Facebook friends who also have the Vonage app.

    The Vonage app is free to download and is free to use says the company. The mobile phone app works on the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch and Google Android based phones. The free Vonage app works over Wi-Fi, and 3G and 4G networks in most countries.

    The app has all of your Facebook friends and when you want to call them with Vonage, all you do is pick the name in the Vonage app. You don't have to dial any numbers, and you will also see a status update on the screen for your Facebook friends. The mobile phone will ring even when the application is closed so you can still receive phone calls from your friends calling through Vonage's Voip app.

    Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Bars and Reception Problems Explained

    Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Bars and Reception Problems Explained

    see video below

    Apple has release a letter regarding the Apple iPhone 4 reception bar problem. They said that they investigated this problem and this is what they found out.

    Holding the Apple iPhone4 or the iPhone 3GS and other mobile phones a certain way can cause the recepetion bar to drop by 1 or more bars. There was reports showing that if the iPhone4 was gripped tightly that the reception bars dropped 4 to 5 bars. This caused consumers to become concerned about a problem antenna in the new iPhone 4 mobile phone.

    Apple said that found that many users said that they haven't experienced dropped calls. Some said that the iPhone 4 reception is better than the iPhone 3GS.

    Apple found that the signal strength display was completely wrong and that their formula displays 2 more bars of signal strength that it really has. If there are 4 bars of reception for the antenna it really should be 2 bars. That is why there is such a large drop in reception of 4 to 5 bars when someone grips the phone tightly, it really would be a drop that is commonly seen in all mobile phones with a 1 to 2 bar drop, not the 4 to 5 bar drop.

    Amazon Kindle ebooks can be read on Apple iPad with new App

    alt text

    Kindle for iPad App -

    (Best Syndication News) - Amazon announced the availability of the Kindle App for the Apple iPad which will allow the tablet computer owners to read ebooks that are for sale on

    Amazon also has the Kindle for iPhone app. Kindle has a Amazon's Whispersync technology that will syncronize their books over all their electronic devices which will bookmark where you left off for instance as well as notes made in the book.

    The Kindle App for the Apple iPad will embrace the color support that the tablet has as well as fill the screen up for a large display screen. The App also has a customizable brightness and background selections to make it read at all different types of lighting situations. You can also select you font type and size so reading can be easier for those that prefer large text books. The App has an animated page turning option to give you that real book feeling, but you can turn it to basic reading if you don't like the animation.

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