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Free Apple 8GB iPod Touch Player when you Buy a Mac Computer

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[Best Syndication News] Apple announced the new sales promotion which they will give a free Apple iPod with the purchase of a Mac computer system. The sale runs from May 25th through September 7, 2010. The promotion is for those that are either a college student, faculty or staff member at a school, or any grade level student who can qualify for the Apple education pricing.

These are the Apple Mac Computers included in the Free iPod Touch Rebate Promotion:

  • MacBook from $949
  • MacBook Pro from $1,099
  • MacBook Air from $1,399
  • iMac from $1,139
  • You can find out if you qualify for the Free 8GB iPod Touch and Mac Computer purchase by visiting the online Apple Store for Education. These are the steps recommended by Apple to get your free 8GB iPod Touch with your purchase.

    Apple Store Products Push Sales Past Expectations

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    Online Apple Store

    (Best Syndication News) They may not have invented the MP3 player, the smartphone or the tablet, but the marketing geniuses at Apple know how to capitalize on technology. Apple profits surge after the company sold 8.8 million iPhones during the first quarter ending March 27th.

    Marketing Genuiuses

    They also sold 11 million iPods last quarter and Steve Jobs says there will be new innovated products later this year. Many analysts expect a new version of the iPhone soon. The company would have been much different had it limited itself to computers and software.

    Apple Sells Their 10 Billionth Song – Can They Repeat This With The iPad and iBookstore?

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    iTunes Store

    (Best Syndication News) Apple says they have sold their 10 billionth iTune. The winner of the iTune Countdown to 10 Billion Songs was Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia who purchased “Guess Things Happen That Way” by Johnny Cash.

    iTunes has been an important part of Apple’s business strategy. The nine year-old service was introduced by Apple on January 9, 2001 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The latest version of the iTunes Store was released in September and is available for free for most operating systems. The older version of iTunes is still available for legacy operating systems including Mac OS 9 and Windows 2000.

    What is the Apple iPad Missing?

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    Apple iPad

    (Best Syndication News) Some people call the Apple iPad a glorified iPhone without the phone connectivity, unless you use Skype or some other VOIP service. But remember, this is the first iPad offered by Apple and there will likely be improvements over the coming years.

    The goal is to get people to pay for content that they are currently receiving for free. Under Jobs, Apple has been great at figuring out ways to get people to pay for content or service. The iPod was a mechanism to generate revenue through music sales. The iPhone was a way to generate revenue through cell phone contracts. Now the goal is to subscribe people to magazines and sell books.

    The iPad

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    Apple iPad as gaming machine

    (Best Syndication News) Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed-off the new iPad today in San Francisco. This could be a revolutionary device that is way better than a laptop and phone, according to Jobs.

    The iPad will come in 3 versions: The 16GB for $499, the 32GB for $599 and the 64GB version for $699. This is far less than the rumored $1,000. It is not a laptop and it isn’t a smartphone. Jobs said it was better than either one, but stopped short of saying it would replace the Mac.

    With its 9.7 inch 1024x768 IPS LCD touch screen, it is better than a netbook. "Now, some people thought that was a netbook—the problem is that netbooks aren't better than anything!" Unlike other grayscale tablets, the iPad is full color.

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