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Microsoft KIN Phone is New Mobile from Verizon Wireless is all about Social Networking

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Microsoft KIN - see video below

[Best Syndication News] The Microsoft Kin phone is going to become available from Verizon Wireless in the US in May. Microsoft designed this mobile phone to help people stay wired to the social networking work via their mobile phone.

Microsoft says that their social networking mobile phone has an easy to use interface. There are two different models; KIN ONE and KIN TWO. They both are slider keyboard mobile phone. The KIN ONE model is small and compact, while the KIN TWO has a larger display screen, more memory, higher resolution camera, high definition video capability and a keyboard.

The KIN ONE has a 5 megapixel camera and the KIN TWO has an 8 megapixel camera. They both are able to take pictures in low light and they have a built in LumiLED flash and image stabilization.

Today's technology goes back in time with the Cassette Tape Speaker for your MP3 Player

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Cassette Tape MP3 Speaker - DCI

[Best Syndication News] Flashback to the 80's when your music collection was all on cassette tapes. Today everyone has moved to MP3 players and store their music digitally. DCI's FunkyFonic brand has a sense of humor when they created an external speaker that plugs into your MP3 player that looks like an old time cassette tape.

This isn't DCI's first unique product. They also have a USB hub that looks like a toy robot. And earbuds that are in the shape of a heart. They also have an external MP3 speaker that is shaped as a heart as well.

This isn't the only manufacturer of novelty mp3 speakers. Others have made made a dog shaped speaker. While another made a practical approach making a ball shaped pen holder for your desk.

Sears Electronic Trade in Program – Gift Cards for Your Old Gadgets

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screenshot of sears.gazelle.com website

[Best Syndication News] Sears has partnered with Gazelle to issue gift cards in exchange for your old electronic equipment. Sears electronic trade in program is a further expansion of Gazelle who is the ones that have developed the idea of giving cash back for used digital cameras, cellphones, laptops, mp3 players, video games, PDAs , camcorders, GPS devices, gaming consoles, and more.

Depending on what condition the electronic is in is the amount of the gift card that will be issued. If you don't want a gift card from Sears you can get cash issued from Gazelle as well.

The process is pretty simple. You go to the website you tell them what you have, who you are, and the condition of the electronic that you want to trade in. Based on that they will give you an estimate of the amount that they will offer you for the trade in electronic items. If you want to do it then they will send you a box to send in the items at no cost to you, it is figured into the trade-in amount. Then when the box arrives you send in the item that you are trading in for cash. Once they receive the electronic device that you want to trade in, they will inspect it to see if it matches the condition that you told them. If it matches then they will send you the gift card or cash in the amount that was quoted to you.

Need the Right MP3 and MP4 Players

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MP3 players are originally designed and invented as cute simple, light, small and mobile entertainment device in the field of audio entertainment. With the advent of time and technology, it has become a source of easy to use, entertainment in the audio visual field.

This is the most recent development in the field of audio video entertainment. They are incorporated with picture browsing, e-book reading, and USB 2.0 high-speed transmission along with its basic function of audio-video entertainment.

MP4-MP3 USB Music Video Player with 1 GB memory, 1.5” LCD Screen, FM radio and voice recorder with65k true color display is packaged with Stereo earphones, USB Data Transfer cable, Driver installation CD and 100-240V AC Mains Charger.

MP3 Players-Apple iPod and iPod touch increase their market share

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Mp3 players are considered an essential item in today’s hectic lifestyle by many. The plethora of choice is overwhelming. With the advent of digital downloads the mp3 player was destined to become a must have item. Mp3 players come in a variety of guises including the iconic Apple iPod and more recently the iPod touch. Stylish in design and packed with features making them indispensible to all who own one. As with all consumer electronics prices vary from supplier to supplier, but with help from a leading mp3 website that problem has been solved.

Mp3 players have come on in leaps and bounds since their initial inception a few years ago. Units have become much smaller and the capacities for holding songs have grown exponentially, as is usually the case with consumer led technology. Whereas only a few years ago, a 256 MB Mp3 player was considered cutting edge, now it would more likely be found in a museum.

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