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New Question for the iPod: The iDrunk?

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In those days, the iPod May be a lot of things. A musical instrument, a gaming device, phone, taxi Hailer, a trail tracker.

Apparently, it can also be alcohol breathalyzer.

IBreath with a $ 79 accessory, plugs into the iPod database, you can create your own sobriety test. A person who breathes in retractile "shock stick" and an internal sensor measures the content of alcohol in the blood. Within two seconds, and then the results on the LED screen. A reading of 08 or greater activated an alarm, signaling a blood alcohol over the legal driving limit in all 50 states.

Philips Mp3, Mp4 and DVD Players Online in India

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When you purchase audio video players, you want to buy best branded and cheap audio video players that mean the players must have the good looking, sound, quality, price, cheapest, memory, models, warranty and many more. Homeshop18 offers best home audio video players in lowest price. Please have a look below some details of audio video players.

Philips 1GB MP3 Player with FM Model No: SA1916/97

• Backlight: Yes, Lines of Text: 3, Resolution: 128 x 48, Type: LCD
• Channel Separation: 35 dB, Equalizer Customizable
• Equalizer Settings: Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Techno
• Frequency Response: 80 - 18 000 Hz, Output Power (RMS): 2 x 3 mW
• Signal to Noise Ratio: > 80 dB

MP3 Players - Power-Packed Musical Devices

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The society is trying hard to cope with the hectic lifestyle and competitive environment. Music, plays it part in offering entertainment and recreation to those who listen to it.

Music plays an important part in our lives and through its power we feel attached to the world. Music is not only a source of entertainment, but it is also a form of recreation. Music rejuvenates our mood and stirs our soul; at the same time it gives us ultimate joy and pleasure. Moreover, it has become an integral part of our lives and we cannot dismiss its significance. We listen to it while we are travelling, driving, doing household chores or when we are going through blues.

Whenever we feel low or tired music pulls us form our state of discontentment. With the passage of time, the world of music has been revolutionised and some of the latest hi-tech musical devices have been ruling the market. Technology has progressively replaced the traditional CD players, cassette players so as to optimise the quality of music. The latest musical devices which are raising the level of music is the MP3 players. These gadgets are portable and light-weighted, therefore one can carry them around wherever he/she go. These contemporary gadgets are bundled with rich features, advanced functionalities and sophisticated looks.

Vinyl Records Making a Comeback – Better Quality Material And Sound Make LPs Popular Again – Where To Buy Players and Music

Vinyl Records Making a Comeback – Better Quality Material And Sound Make LPs Popular Again – Where To Buy Players and Music

Traditional Record Store

(Best Syndication News) Vinyl record sales are expected to double in a year, as various artists including REM with their album “Accelerate”, Bruce Springsteen with "Magic." Madonna's "Hard Candy" and Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" came out on vinyl records. The material has come a long way since the 1970s when record companies cut corners using a less durable thinner vinyl.

New Quality Vinyl Material

Newer records are made of heavier (180–220 g/m2) vinyl to allow for longer durability. Not only is the material stronger, the sound quality of the new vinyl is also better. Because a more expensive processes is involved in the production, the new albums will likely last longer and sound better.

Apple iPhone 3G To Be Faster and Smarter and Cheaper

Apple iPhone 3G To Be Faster and Smarter and Cheaper

Apple iPhone 3G

(Best Syndication News) On Monday Apple Inc. unveiled their new Apple iPhone which will start at $199 for the 8GB model. They are also offering a 16GB model for $299. The phones, which will be available on July 11th, will be lightening fast with 3G wireless technology.

The goal is to woo the business Blackberry users away from their phones. The iPhone will include GPS mapping and support for Microsoft Exchange. Apple is combining three products in one. The iPhone will include a widescreen iPod, a web browser and email reader with rich HTML.

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