Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato Dating - Recorded 'Make a Wave' Song together and Camp Rock 2 sequel

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[Best Syndication News] Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato have finally admitted that they are dating each other. Demi Lovato came clean and told radio listeners that yep, she is dating Joe.

Lovato was being interviewed this Friday on The Billy Bush Show when she said that she was dating one of the Jonas Brothers, Joe. In November Lovato denied ever dating one of the Jonas brothers via her Twitter account. I guess things have changed.

Bush asked if she had dated one of the Jonas Brothers, and she answered first with a maybe. Then he kept on interrogating her until she admitted it was Joe, and then when he asked if she was dating him, she said, "Yeah, he is my best friend and he is incredible."

Fans Walk out on Whitney Houston Concert in Australia

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[Best Syndication News] Whitney Houston's comeback tour got of to a shakey start in Australia this past week. The Brisbane concert she gave had fans walk out of the performance before the show was over. The Australian news got reactions from the upset concert goers and what they thought of her performance that night. Needless to say, the reviews from the fans were not good at all.

Houston told ABC News that despite the bad reviews from some of the fans, the concert is going just fine. She still has more dates in Australia to do and will finish in Perth on March 7th.

One unhappy concert goer told the local Australia News that “she couldn't entertain a dead rat.”

Apple Sells Their 10 Billionth Song – Can They Repeat This With The iPad and iBookstore?

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(Best Syndication News) Apple says they have sold their 10 billionth iTune. The winner of the iTune Countdown to 10 Billion Songs was Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia who purchased “Guess Things Happen That Way” by Johnny Cash.

iTunes has been an important part of Apple’s business strategy. The nine year-old service was introduced by Apple on January 9, 2001 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The latest version of the iTunes Store was released in September and is available for free for most operating systems. The older version of iTunes is still available for legacy operating systems including Mac OS 9 and Windows 2000.

Celine Dion promotes new World Tour Film on Oprah

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[Best Syndication News] Celine Dion was on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' yesterday to promote her upcoming film called 'Celine: Through the Eyes of the World' that will be released to movie theaters nationwide February 17 - 28, 2010. The film is a documentary which follows her for a year as she and her husband and son travel on a music tour around the world. Dion said it gives people a chance to see what her life is like both on stage and off.

During Dion's interview with Oprah they discussed her miscarriages. She said that they continue to try to have another child. She is hoping that the fifth time will be successful. Oprah asked if the miscarriages have been a strain on her marriage. Dion said that you can't put your happiness and the successfulness of your relationship with children. She really seemed pretty level headed even after facing that tragedy of having so many miscarriages.

Pink's Grammy Performance – It was almost a Burlesque Circus Act

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[Best Syndication News] Last night Pink performed on the 2010 Grammy Awards Ceremony and she really shocked viewers as well as the audience with her almost nude one piece with strategically placed sequins in just the right places while she was hoisted high above the audience. Somewhere along the line she gets soaked with water and is dripping water down below.

She didn't start the song that wild, she had a white cover up and was nicely singing her song. Then she took off her coverup to reveal her barely there outfit. Even though there was nude fabric holding her in, she had to have been in the best shape ever to wear this outfit. She had to have been feeling a bit chilly after that performance as she was soaking wet.

You have to wonder how she could keep it together enough to keep singing while she was being spun around will be hoisted high up in the air. There are performance playing on YouTube of Pink's Performance at the Grammy Awards (see video below) in case you have missed the performance. It's got a lot of people talking about it today.

By: N Wilson
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Grammy 2010 Performance – Pink.mkv YouTube Video

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