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Sunscreen products have new labeling and testing requirements

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(Best Syndication News) - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced new labeling requirements and testing standards for manufacturers of sunscreen that are sold over-the-counter. The final test requirements and product labeling will be in effect in one year.

The new regulation will limit the highest sunscreen rating to “SPF 50+.” The FDA says that anything higher than 50, has not been proven to show anymore benefit than SPF 50 rating. The FDA suggests that consumers read both the front and back of the product label to determine the amount of protection, the sunscreen lotion or spray offers.

Products must pass testing for certain criteria in order to claim that it protects from the sun's rays. The manufacturers will have to follow new methods to test the sunscreen effectiveness as outlined by the FDA. The label will need to reflect the test results.

Dr Oz Show Investigates Longevity – How Old will you be when you die

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(Best Syndication News) On Thursday’s Dr Oz show, Doctor Mehmet C Oz interviewed Jay, a 43-year old commissioned salesman. Besides determining how long Jay would live, he also gave him tips to improve his survival. The program also discussed the Glucomannan (konjac root fiber) supplement.

Jay was obese, had a family history of heard disease, ate the wrong food and drank beers every day. His lack of exercise and possible sleep apnea also weighed heavily on his mortality.

Jay’s wife said he has high cholesterol, acid reflux and has been diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, which is a precursor to esophageal cancer. She thinks he has sleep apnea because she hears him stop breathing at night. She is worried.

Yo-Yo dieters might live longer than a person who remains obese

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(Best Syndication News ) - Yo-yo dieting is when a person loses and regains weight in a continual cycle. Researchers from Ohio University – Athens found that mice who did yo-yo dieting outlived the mice that remained obese. The study will be presented today at The Endocrine Society's 93rd Annual Meeting in Boston.

The best option to living longer is to remain at a constant healthy weight. Lead investigator, Edward List, PhD, a scientist at Ohio University, Athens wanted to find out if yo-yo dieting is as harmful as it has been made out to be. He said that very little scientific evidence shows the harmfulness of yo-yo dieting.

The study used mice because they could easily control the diet as well as measure the duration of lifespan. One group was put in a yo-yo dieting regimen while the other group remained obese their whole life. The third group remained on a low fat diet as a control.
There were a total of 30 mice involved in this study. One group of 10 received only a high-fat diet, another group of 10 received only a low-fat diet, the remaining 10 were put on a four week high-fat diet and then a four week low-fat diet to simulate a yo-yo diet.

Dr Oz Discusses a Defy Your Age Diet

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(Best Syndication News) As we age it becomes more difficult to lose weight, but there are some things we can do to take off the pounds. Dr. Oz said that our metabolism slows down and we naturally gain weight.

There are studies to back-up his claim. The Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) conducted a study and found that athletes, even if they continue to exercise, can’t avoid putting on extra pounds. Men over the age of 50 lose muscle mass causing them to burn fewer calories.

On Monday’s show, Dr. Mehmet Oz said that one of the scariest things in life is “mid-life weight gain”. When you were young, it seemed like you could eat almost anything and not gain weight. But that changed in your 30s. He revealed his “Defy your age Diet”.

Dr. Oz outlines a 24-hour anti-aging plan to stop aging

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(Best Syndication News) - Doctor Oz was outlined a 24-hour anti-aging plan to put a stop the aging process. On the segment “24 hours to stop aging” segment of the “Dr. Oz” TV show, he had Dr. Greenfield who is an Integrative Medicine Specialist as a guest on the show.

Doctor Oz Anti-aging daily routine to stay young longer

Morning – Prevent wrinkles by eating less sugar
Cut down on the sugar you eat for breakfast. Dr. Greenfield said that cutting down on sugar will help prevent damage to skin tissue. He explained that when sugar and protein combine, it causes less elasticity throughout the body. Less elasticity in the skin causes wrinkles.

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