Celebrities Galore at 2012 International CES

CES 2011 tradeshow floor - credit: CESWeb.org

(Best Syndication News) - This year, many celebrities will be at booths to promote products as well as to entertain attendees during the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is being held January 10 – 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite the hype of the celebrity appearances, the tradeshow remains an important event for electronic companies to announce new consumer products. The 2012 CES tradeshow is for business professionals that are involved in consumer electronic products.

Singer Justin Bieber will be at the 2012 CES show to help unveil the new TOSY entertainment Robot from TOSY Robotics. The booth is at the Robotics TechZone at the LVCC South Hall at booth numbers #21964, 21968, 22064, 22066 and 22068. The presentation with Justin Bieber is scheduled for January 11, between 1 – 3 pm.

Free Phone Calls from Google Gmail to Any Telephone

Free Phone Calls from Google Gmail to Any Telephone

GMail Calling to any Telephone Number - google.com/call

(Best Syndication News) - Google (GOOG) announced that they have added calling from Gmail to any telephone number. This new calling feature is now available for those that have a Gmail account in the United States. Google is said that they are offering free telephone calls in the US and Canada, at least for the rest of this year. Google will be charging low rates for international calls, which they say are as low as 2 cents per minute. Basically you can make free phone calls over the Internet.

It may take a couple of days to roll out to all US Gmail users. You will find the “Call Phones” in the chat list on the left side when you sign into your Gmail account. In order to get the free phone calls, you need to have the voice and video plug-in installed. To get these plug-ins please visit gmail.com/call. That is where you can get the free download to the plug-ins you will need to install on your computer. This will allow you to make voip free phone calls through your Gmail account.

Calling Cards Prepaid: A Prepaid Card at Comfortable Prices

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Feel homesick as you are away from your family. Get really frustrated sometimes as can not find anyone close to talk to? You can still stay connect even if you are away from your family. In such time http://callingcardsprepaid.net/ calling cards prepaid can be a great option that will keep you close to your family even when you are apart. One can easily access prepaid calling cards at cost effective prices. Now you will not have to shell out hefty amount to stay connected.

You can keep the card handy by paying for minutes in advance. Now whenever you want to call, you just have to dial a toll free number from your phone and give your personal identification number. By doing so you will be able to get calling minutes and you can use them as per your needs comfortably. You can make international and local calls as per your convenience. As it is a prepaid card so you will be able to save money conveniently and will not be able to spend beyond a set limit.

The Cheap Call Has Finally Landed

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If the recession has hit your pockets hard, then you’ll understand the importance of ensuring the cash you do have stretches as far as possible. Indeed, value has become everything and people can no longer afford to be complacent. Therefore, it’s vital that you spend your money wisely and take some time to think about your purchases.

Take the way you use your phone as a prime example. A very useful invention, there are not many people who could live without one nowadays, and with the introduction of the mobile phone, speaking to people on the move has become the norm.

However, with most people forking out for traditional landline costs, on top of monthly mobile subscriptions, talking to one another does not come cheap. And, when you take the chat abroad, then you can expect to pay dearly. In fact, judging by recent reports, it’s not uncommon to hear about someone being charged thousands of pounds for the privilege of catching up with their friends and family while away.

What Makes VoIP International Calling Plans Cost Effective & Efficient?

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Onset of mobile phones and Internet have brought downright changes in communication industry. The good news is that these alterations have arrived in the form of improvements. And drastic cost reduction is one of the notable changes that occurred in international calling plans has evidently proven this fact. Along with mobile phone technology, land line communications are also undergoing evolutions and the latest entry to this communications technology is called as VoIP.

The voice over Internet protocol (the same abbreviated as VoIP) is an Internet based communicating technology which involves broadband or high speed Internet connections and any phone like mobile phone or VoIP enabled soft phone. Due to inclusion of broadband Internet connection to this method of making calls, this VoIP communicating process is also known as Internet Telephony.

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