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Gluten Free Diet Weight Loss benefits debated on ‘The Doctor Oz Show’

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(Best Syndication News) - Doctor Oz debated the gluten free diet myth promising weight loss on his television show today. Gluten, a protein, is being promoted for weight loss, but Doctor Oz thinks that it could be causing some people to gain weight. The doctor invited Mark Hyman MD and Samantha Cassidy, a registered dietitian, on the TV show to share about how a person can gain weight on a gluten free diet.

There are around 97 percent of people that are sensitive to gluten and do not even know it. Gluten is found in breads and many grains. Some people can benefit from a gluten free diet.

Best Shortcuts to Lose Weight discussed on The Dr Oz Show

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(Best Syndication News) - Doctor Oz shared a collection of shortcuts during his TV show today. The first segment on ‘The Dr. Oz’ discussed the best shortcuts to lose weight. The dieting tips are simple. Each suggestion may shave off a few pounds in a year. If all the shortcuts were applied, it might be possible to lose up to 55 pounds in a year.

Doctor Oz explained that around 45 million people in the United States are starting a diet and exercise plan. Of those dieters, over 40 percent of them cannot stick to the program. Around 95 percent will gain the weight back. Doctor Oz said that stress from all different aspects of life makes weight loss challenging. Here are the shortcuts that Doctor Oz said are easy ways to lose weight without much effort.

Food Substitutions to help Lower Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure discussed on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

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(Best Syndication News) - Doctor Mehmet Oz had a segment on his television show yesterday that discussed food substitutes that can help to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. The food substitutes are simple and easily found at the grocery store.

Food Substitutes to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Doctor Oz explained that high cholesterol levels could sometimes be reduced by the foods we eat and suggested three food changes that could help to lower those cholesterol numbers. Instead of eating 1 tablespoon of butter, which has 30 mg of cholesterol, eat pureed bananas because it has 0 mg of cholesterol. The doctor suggested using pureed bananas as a substitute for butter when baking deserts.

Instead of eating ice cream, which has 90 mg of cholesterol per serving, eat 2 percent frozen Greek yogurt because it has only 10 mg of cholesterol. Instead of using mayonnaise (5 mg cholesterol) on a sandwich, try using avocado slices, which have 0 mg of cholesterol.

‘The 7 Day Energy Surge’ book author Jim Karas shares how to be more energetic on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

'The 7 Day Energy Surge' Book - Jim Karas with Cynthia Costas Cohen (authors)

(Best Syndication News) - On today’s ‘The Dr. Oz Show,’ NY Times bestselling author Jim Karas shared tips to fight fatigue and be energized from his ‘The 7 Day Energy Surge’ book. Doctor Mehmet Oz starts this television segment by saying over two-thirds of American women are sleep deprived, and around 75 percent are stressed on a regular basis. The problem is that we seek out quick fixes for fatigue such as coffee, soda, and sugary snacks explained Doctor Oz.

Jim Karas is the author of the ‘The 7 Day Energy Surge’ book, which had become a NY times bestseller. He is also a trainer for celebrities. Karas said that fatigue comes from eating bad food, being dehydrated, and trying to pack too much into the day. His book offers ways to rebuild, which could help get people energized. Doctor Oz said that he knows some of the celebrities that Karas coached, and noticed that they have a lot of energy. Karas mentioned that he has coached Diane Sawyer.

Alternative Medicine Health All-Stars Showcased on Dr Oz TV Show

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(Best Syndication News) Alternative skin care and weight-loss solutions were discussed on the Dr. Oz television show Monday when several experts gave details to their approaches.

Doctor Arthur Agatston, pioneer of the South Beach Diet, explained that during the 1980s he was frustrated when his patients kept gaining weight. He found that a diet high in fiber and rich in good fats proved the best weight-loss and health result.

As a cardiologist, his goal is to prevent heart attacks, not fix patients after they already had one.

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