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Taylor Swift promoting Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera - Panoramic model DSC-TX7

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Taylor Swift

Singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, has agreed to a year-long marketing campaign with Sony Electronics to promote their Cyber-Shot Digital Camera line. Swift will be promoting the Cyber-Shot DSC-TX7 digital still camera which retails for around $400.

The advertising campaign will have Swift promoting the new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 digital still camera. The camera has iSweep Panorama technology that makes it easy to take ultra wide angled panoramic photos by pressing a button and sweeping the camera. This panoramic feature is currently only available by Sony.

Swift will be featured in during prime-time programming beginning today on NBC, FOX, and CW networks. She also will appear in digital and print ads through the month of June. Swift will also be online marketing the TX7 camera through social networks such as Facebook.

Swift will continue with the TX7 marketing campaign for one year. Sony aims to sell the TX7 digital camera for its quality, style, design and the innovation.

Flip SlideHD Pocket Video Camera newest Model from Cisco

Flip SlideHD Pocket Video Camera newest Model from Cisco

Flip SlideHD camera - Cisco

[Best Syndication News] Cisco announced their newest pocket sized video camera called the Flip Slide HD which is added to their very popular Flip Video camera line. This camera has a slide feature that you often will see in mobile phones. The Flip Slide HD is now available at retail stores and online retail outlets and has a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of $279.99.

While it is not a cell phone, the Flip SlideHD video camera doe offer up to four hours of HD recording at one time and can hold up to 12 hours of video footage. The camera has a full widescreen display to watch on the camera. The Flip SlideHD camera records video in the same manner as the traditional Flip video cameras, but when you want to watch it with a wide screen format you slide it open and then you get the full 3 inch widescreen display. The camera has a touchscreen display so it is intuitive when you want to play a video clip you just touch the screen.

Sears Electronic Trade in Program – Gift Cards for Your Old Gadgets

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[Best Syndication News] Sears has partnered with Gazelle to issue gift cards in exchange for your old electronic equipment. Sears electronic trade in program is a further expansion of Gazelle who is the ones that have developed the idea of giving cash back for used digital cameras, cellphones, laptops, mp3 players, video games, PDAs , camcorders, GPS devices, gaming consoles, and more.

Depending on what condition the electronic is in is the amount of the gift card that will be issued. If you don't want a gift card from Sears you can get cash issued from Gazelle as well.

The process is pretty simple. You go to the website you tell them what you have, who you are, and the condition of the electronic that you want to trade in. Based on that they will give you an estimate of the amount that they will offer you for the trade in electronic items. If you want to do it then they will send you a box to send in the items at no cost to you, it is figured into the trade-in amount. Then when the box arrives you send in the item that you are trading in for cash. Once they receive the electronic device that you want to trade in, they will inspect it to see if it matches the condition that you told them. If it matches then they will send you the gift card or cash in the amount that was quoted to you.

Videocon LCD TV

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Videocon is a one of the leading players in the market of electronic products in India. Videocon has been giving good quality reasonably priced products. Videocon has launched a range of LCD TVs, ultra slim TVs, flat TVs and regular conventional TVs.

For buying Videocon LCD TV’s some things need to kept in mind, like the style, design, color, shape, picture and obviously price. LCD TV’s are sleek gadgets which don’t occupy a lot of space; they can just hang it on the wall and enjoy the perfect viewing experience.

Videocon LCD TV’s have gorgeous features like Digital Color reality engine which processes the color signal with 10 Bit Micro Processors, making the viewing experience pleasurable. Videocon has launched ultra slim LCD’s with 2 million (1920*1080) pixels screen resolution. These features make the images come alive with color and provide accurate pictures.

Aiptek DV T220

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If photography is your passion or you want a camera, which delivers professional quality photographs, then you need not look further than Aiptek - DV T220. USA based company Aiptek is a leading manufacturer of video cameras, digital cameras, camcorders and other high-tech electronic items. Aiptek is reputed for offering high-quality gadgets at reasonable prices. With introduction of Aiptek DVT220 Camcorders, this brand has proven its responsibility towards the ordinary people who want to have such gadgets but cannot spend much. This availability of high-tech products at reasonable prices is the result of growing competition and advancement in technology.

This wonderful camera lets you capture your beautiful moments in the form of movie at a price that is most affordable. This camcorder is loaded with most of the features, which are expected from a device of this category. It is a very compact and tiny camera, which you can carry easily into your pocket. It is the sleekest camcorder you can see in the market and it is light weighted. Most of the time youngsters like this camera because of its trendy looks.

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