City of Hesperia offers Live Webcam and Daily Photo Time-Lapse of Construction Projects

(Best Syndication News) - The City of Hesperia is hosting a live webcam of the rail construction near Mojave and G Avenue on their website. Additionally, the city officials will be showing the Ranchero underpass construction progress with daily time-lapse photos of the project online.

The City of Hesperia will make available daily time-lapse photos of the Ranchero Road underpass project. There are two cameras that are on-site and take photos every 15 minutes. The photos are combined into a time-lapse slideshow of the construction progress. Residents can view the photos and time lapse at

California Air Resources Board approves new Clean Vehicle Rules through 2025

Cars - BSN

(Best Syndication News) - The California Air Resource Board unanimously approved a new clean car and light truck rules through 2025. California has been working on the Advanced Clean Cars program for the past three years.

The goal is to cut smog and greenhouse gases. The government agency said that these new rules would help save drivers money on fuel and would create jobs.

Taco Bell offers Breakfast Menu at 750 Restaurants

Taco Bell FirstMeal Breakfast Menu expands in Western US - Taco Bell

(Best Syndication News) - Taco Bell launched their FirstMeal™ breakfast menu items on January 26, 2012, in the Western United States. This includes restaurants in California and Arizona. Breakfast will be served at the participating locations starting at 8 or 9 am up until 11 am. The participating restaurants will open one hour earlier than before.

They will have a 99-cent breakfast deals up to $2.79 for a Grande Skillet Burrito, along with combo meals priced at $3.99. They offer branded breakfast food such as Johnsonville®, Cinnabon®, Tropicana, and Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Taco Bell completed a test run of the FirstMeal menu at 150 stores in four markets. This included restaurants in Calif., Oklahoma City, Tucson, Ariz., and Dayton, Ohio. Now, 750 Taco Bell restaurants will make the breakfast menu available to their customers.

Artist to Bury Boeing 727 Airplane in Mojave Desert

General Map of Boron, Mojave, and Edwards AFB - BSN

(Best Syndication News) - Swiss artist, Chistoph Buchel, will be burying a Boeing 727 commercial airplane in the Mojave Desert as installation art if Kern County approves the project. The airplane will be buried 38 feet underground near Boron, California. Tourists would be able to view the airplane because the artist wants to dig a tunnel to the decommissioned plane. There will be a working bathroom on the airplane for the tourist to use.

A local Bakersfield news report by KGET, reported that the project is called “Terminal.” Buchel was inspired by the mining and aviation history, which inspired this idea of unearthing the ground to put an airplane there. A Kern County representative said during the KGET interview that Buchel has been working on getting the clearance for the 5 acres where they plan to install the artwork. Final decision by the planning commission by the end of this month. If approved at the end of the month, “Terminal” could be completed by as early as this fall. Groups of five can book a drive from the LA Museum of Contemporary Art and currently the museum is planning two or three trips weekly to the underground airplane.

USDA announce New Standards for School Meal Programs

Broccoli and Strawberry - credit National Cancer Institute Renee Comet (photographer) - PD

(Best Syndication News) - The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced new healthier standards for school meals, including lunch and breakfast. The changes have been finalized, and schools will begin to be implementing the new food rules next school year. It has been 15 years since the USDA changed their standards for school meals.

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was signed into law by President Obama, is what employed the USDA to set new nutritional requirements for the school meal programs. The new standards require that students be offered vegetables and fruits every day. The meals must increase the amount of whole grain food being offered. Milk will only be allowed in fat-free or low-fat options. Calorie restrictions will be required and will be based on the age group. Saturated fat, Trans-fats, and sodium amounts need to be reduced.

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