Free Slurpee at 7 Eleven Stores this Sunday and Vote for your Favorite Battle of the Bands 2010

Free Slurpee at 7 Eleven Stores this Sunday and Vote for your Favorite Battle of the Bands 2010

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(Best Syndication News) - An ice cold slushy Slurpee drink on a hot summer day for free, now that sounds like a deal! The 7-Eleven convenience stores are giving away a free Slurpee drink this Sunday. Not all 7-Eleven stores are participating, but there are 7,500 that are giving away a free Slurpee in the US and in Canada.

The promotion is being called “Happy 7-Eleven Day.” They are giving out a 7.11 ounce Slurpee drinks for free. They are celebrating 7-Eleven Day. It is also just a cool way to get customers to come to their store. To find out if your local 7-11 store is participating and their locations you can visit for a complete list.

Spinach Recall – Ready Pac Foods recalls Produce due to E. Coli Contamination

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Spinach Recall Packaging - CDPH

(Best Syndication News) - There has been a recall announced by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) of the Ready Pac Foods Inc. brand baby spinach products that could be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. This E. coli was found during routing sampling and there haven't been any illness reported from this recall yet. The spinach was distributed to retailers in California, Oregon and Arizona between June 21st and June 27th.

The baby spinach was sold in 6 ounce packages with the Ready Pac brand on the packaging. Only two lots are being recalled. See the photo to the right for what the packaging looks like. Look on the packaging for the “Best if Used By:” dates which say either “JUL 04 I1707B IR127121” or “JUL 08 I2007B IR130373”.

If you have the recalled spinach you should not eat it and should throw it out. The E. coli O157:H7 can cause a severe infection which can include stomach cramps and diarrhea. In more serious cases a person can suffer kidney damage and need to be hospitalized. This E. coli infection can be deadly. Those that are very young, elderly, and people that have a compromised immune system are at an increased risk for serious complications from the E. coli infection. If any person thinks that they may be suffering from an E. coli infection, they should seek medical attention from a professional.

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Southern California

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Southern California

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake near Palm Springs California - USGS

(Best Syndication News) - There was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake that shook Southern California at 4:53 p.m local time this Wednesday. The nearest city to the epicenter of the quake was northwest of Borrego Springs, California which was 15 miles away. The nearest large city was Palm Springs which was 30 miles away from the earthquake. Initially the earthquake was measured at a 5.9 magnitude and once the computer calculated the actual event it was downgraded to a 5.4 magnitude earthquake.

The earthquake was located at 33.420°N, 116.489°W with a depth of 8.7 miles. Nearby residents to the earthquake said that it caused light to moderate damage mostly of things falling off of the shelves. There was no major damage reported from this earthquake. Reports of around two dozen aftershocks have been measured by the USGS.

World Cup Soccer Fans Photo Fun at Los Angeles Best Buy Stores

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BSN Stock Photo

(Best Syndication News) - If you love soccer, you might want to plan a weekend to get out to your local Los Angeles area Best Buy retail store to get a unique photo of you placed in a FIFA World Cup arena. Best Buy has a green screen set up at some of their stores were customers can get their picture taken and then they will place you in a FIFA World Cup themed background and will send you home with a printed out picture of this.

After you get home from your photo shoot at Best Buy you can go to and then further customize your photo and select even more background. They will have a replica cover of ESPN's Magazines special issue of the World Cup. You can also select you standing next to the FIFA World Cup Trophy or standing out on the filed during a match.

China Drywall Problem – List of Top 10 Chinese Manufacturers of Fume Emitting Gypsum Board

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[Best Syndication News] A list of drywall manufacturers were released by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for the high levels of hydrogen sulfide. The CPSC had Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) test drywall samples for emitting the noxious hydrogen sulfide fumes which has caused metal corrosion and health complaints by homeowners. The corroded metal in the homes have spurred a major class action Chinese drywall lawsuit and have prompted the CPSC to investigate the health claims as well as the property damage caused from the fume emitting gypsum board. The CPSC say that they have noticed a difference especially in Chinese plasterboard samples manufactured in 2005/2006 with the emission of hydrogen sulfide. The CPSC have not come to a conclusion on health complaints received because of the problem Chinese drywall fumes.

Out of all the drywall they tested, they found that the top 10 manufacturers were Chinese Drywall makers. The CPSC said that the Chinese drywall at times had 100 times more emission rate of hydrogen sulfide compared to the non-Chinese drywall samples.

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