Video Shows Price of Cheap Eggs: Chicks Ground Up Alive

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(Best Syndication News) The "food units" cascading down the conveyor in the video are sorted like apples, fine grade, rejects (see the videos below).

Except that the kinetic yellow balls--an undulating fuzzy mass-- are not pears or peppers but newborn chicks.

And they're being sorted into male, female and deformed--with male and deformed destined for death.

A video just released by Mercy For Animals from Hy-Line Hatchery in Spencer, Iowa, the largest hatchery for egg-laying breed chicks in the U.S., confirms what has been rumored for years about the egg industry: that newborn males which are worthless to the industry are ground up alive in chopping machines called macerators.

Future of the US economy: Where is world economy headed?

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Many of our frequent readers have asked us if we can predict the future of US economy. Well to be honest, the answer is no one can. We are in a situation where we have never been before. The total money flow in the system is of historic proportions. However we did some research and have aggregated the opinions of noted economist in this article.

Local Peacemakers will Restore Our Freedom

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President Obama – source: .gov

(Best Syndication News) Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God....”  Jesus, Matthew 5:10

I have not recently made the acquaintance of any conservatives or even Christians that have let that encouragement slip from their lips. Right now conservatives and Christians seem to be all about war.

War on terror.
War on the Taliban.
War on al Qaeda.
War to bring the blessings of democracy to Iraq
and Afghanistan.
War to preserve Israel.
War on Iranian militancy.
War on radical Islam.
War on Marxism.

Back-to-School Shopping with $300

Back-to-School Shopping with $300

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(Best Syndication News) Progressives and conservatives do agree on something! The bailout has done nothing but anoint and embolden fat cat financiers to do it again. (How much does AIG's new CEO, Robert H. Benmosche, make? $7 million a year.)

Sure Americans are buying new cars, homes and furniture again. (deciding not to wait for jobs or health care).

But if the "mark to market" SIVs, CDOs and CDSs the money guys retained for a "better valuation" have sprung to life--explaining the "recovery"--isn’t it still a bubble?

Or am I missing something?

The Most Destructive Period of Global War and Crisis Ever – or A New Politics Based on Prior Unity, Cooperation, and Tolerance –

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Humankind is in the position, right now, to make some very important judgments about life, and about the relationships between people--and about the nature of Reality Itself. The results of that judgment, will lead to catastrophic war and environmental disasters, or, alternatively, humankind will become established in a new, ‘Global Cooperative Order’, based on the working-presumption of universal prior unity, and therefore, with pervasive cooperation and intelligence.

All have to suffered. All are equally full of nonsense. Therefore, there must be a new and universal politics--a politics of no praise and no blame. By these means, reconciliation must be achieved--cooperatively, in a disposition of mutual tolerance, trust, and respect. Go to: to learn more.

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