Doctors Boo Obama in Chicago

Doctors Boo Obama in Chicago

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(Best Syndication News) You would have thought it was Wrigley Field not the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

When President Obama told gathered physicians at the American Medical Association's annual meeting in his home town this month, "I’m not advocating caps on malpractice awards which I believe can be unfair to people who've been wrongfully harmed," he was booed like Chicago Cub Milton Bradey. "Yank him," was probably next.

Who remembered that in 1993 a similar message by his Secretary of State--also a homey--received a standing ovation? (Though the long knives did come out later.)

Of course the 236,000 member AMA which represents a fourth of the nation's practicing physicians, has always been obstructionist--fighting managed care, cost controls, posted fees, politicians, insurance companies, nurses and even a physician "glut" in the past.

Eastwood and Neeson Prove that Fathers Beat Gangs

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino

Two movies, Taken and Gran Torino, are disturbing by the fact that both depict situations that are becoming increasingly common to all of us. 

In Taken, Liam Neeson uses his CIA training to penetrate an Albanian gang that kidnaps young women visiting France to sell as sex slaves.  It seems that the sex slave trade generates heavy interest throughout the world.  A Bing search gathers nearly 300,000 sites for the engine “sex slave trafficking”.

Gran Torino found Clint Eastwood resurrecting his Dirty Harry character as a Korean War Veteran and retired auto worker holding his ground in a neighborhood somewhere in the mid-west that was besieged by unemployment and gangs.  He becomes a hero to his Vietnamese neighbors, who he disdains, when he chases a gang from his lawn by aiming his loaded M-1 rifle at the gang leader, thereby thwarting the gang's attempt to shanghai his neighbor's son, Thao, into the gang.

President Obama Explains His New Health Care Plan – Public Option For Insurance

President Obama

President Obama - source gov

(Best Syndication News) While more details are being released concerning the health care reform plans, there is an enormous debate raging over President Obama’s proposal. Rather than socializing the medical system, like in Britain and other industrialized nations, Obama has proposed creating a “public option” in the health insurance marketplace.

At a recent news conference the President wanted to make it clear that there will be a level playing field. The government plan will “abide” by whatever rules it provides to the private insurers. His plan would make sure that people with pre-existing conditions were covered.

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Pay No Attention to Cancer Reports Say HRT Promoters

Pay No Attention to Cancer Reports Say HRT Promoters

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(Best Syndication News) The bad news at this year's American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Orlando is women on hormone therapy or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) who develop lung cancer are 60 percent more likely to die from it. The findings are from continued tracking of participants in the federal Women's Health Initiative study which was terminated in 2002 because of adverse effects.

But the good news according to hormone maker Wyeth's Joseph Camardo, MD is that younger women, aged 51 to 54, are starting to use HRT rather than women older than 63 and "the same risks may not apply with the new patterns of use!"

Education waste is easy to find

Education waste is easy to find

George Runner

(Best Syndication) While there are many groups clamoring for a piece of the state’s budget pie, one of the most persistent is the education bloc. Indeed, districts, unions, and faculty associations are constantly decrying cuts to education. For all their crowing, the budget cuts to education pale in comparison to the massive increases in education spending over the past decade­increases that took place despite a large decrease in student enrollment. In fact, education funding has increased by $15 billion over the last decade even though there were 74,000 fewer students over that same period.

What is most astonishing is that test scores remain abysmally low, dropout rates­especially among low-income minority groups­are unacceptably high, and schools suffer from disrepair.

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