US Health Care Debate - Single Payer System or Favor the Big Insurance Corporation's Survival

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[Best Syndication News] It is terrible that a civilized country such as the United States has put profit over the health of individuals. Catering to corporate interests and making sure that a health insurance company will survive because politicians are bought off in Washington D.C. is a rather disgusting thought. President Obama is making steps towards trying to improve our nations health care, but in the midst of this, the committees are favoring the corporate health insurance companies.

While many people could care less about the health industry it has caused financial disaster for so many families across the country. It has prevented people from getting care that they need. Sometimes health insurance was to blame for these deaths for the pure sake of profit.

Burger King SpongeBob Square Butts Ad – What the Heck are they Promoting?

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[Best Syndication News] Burger King has made a whopper of a bad commercial, no really, it's unbelievably bad. Who would hire a marketing director for this advertisement as Burger King tried humor with the 'Big Butts' song combined with SpongeBob Squarepants? The ad ends with a 99 cent kids meal with a toy.

The Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood is questioning the ethics of Burger Kings commercial targeting a sexualized commercial that has a popular children's Nickeolodeon's cartoon character, Spongebob Squarepants.

While Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood has sent complaints to Burger King. The burger franchise responded back saying that it was targeting adults and was not being aired during children's programming.

Taxes, Tea Parties, and the Federal Reserve - Ron Paul's Position

Taxes, Tea Parties, and the Federal Reserve - Ron Paul's Position

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(Best Syndication News) Once again, Americans are turning to the calendars and dreading the coming of April 15th. This year, the federal government will reach into our pockets to pay for their unnecessary corporate bailouts, the so-called stimulus, and an escalation of unconstitutional wars overseas. But even with all this dangerous recklessness, we can have hope in knowing that each day our coalition of freedom-loving individuals grows by leaps and bounds.

In "honor" of April 15th, allow me to share with you excerpts from an article on taxes written by Ron Paul. It's called The Case Against the Income Tax.

Could America exist without an income tax? The idea seems radical, yet in truth America did just fine without a federal income tax for the first 126 years of its history.

Is your Child Fat? Schools in Massachusetts to Measure Kids BMI

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[Best Syndication News] Hopefully the schools in Massachusetts will rethink this one and come up with another way to encourage children to eat healthy and exercise more. While BMI is informative, it could be detrimental to the child as they may develop possibly worst eating disorders.

According to a report by in which the they are considering following Arkansas and New York City's BMI screenings for kids in the first, fourth, seven, and 10th grades.

BMI stands for body mass index and is calculated by taking a person's weight in pounds times 703 and then divide it by the the person's height squared (145x145 for example) this gives the BMI number.

How anyone can Stop Excessive Compensation, Perks and Bonuses for Corporate Executives

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New Hampshire, 2009-04-06 – Are you tired of all the extra perks top executives are receiving? Do you know that you have the power to stop it? A new website launched this week reveals how anyone can stop excessive compensation, perks and bonuses for corporate executives and directors.

"Most taxpayers are furious with AIG, and rightfully so," says Makani. "Besides paying out millions in bonuses of taxpayer money, AIG's credit default swaps are at the root of the current financial crisis.

But while AIG's bonuses enraged taxpayers as well as our government, there is a whole other side to excessive compensation and perks for corporate executives and directors that the general public is not even aware of."

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