Where the Wild Things Are Wins At Box Office – Law Abiding Citizen and Stepfather Movie Trailers and Previews

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Where the Wild Things Are - see trailers below

(Best Syndication News) Amazingly, last week’s winner at the box office, “Couples Retreat”, fell to fourth place behind “Where the Wild Things Are”, “Law Abiding Citizen” and even the homespun low budget movie “Paranormal Activity”. Another new movie, “The Stepfather”, came in 5th place.

Where the Wild Things Are

Kids can be misunderstood, and Max (Max Records – “The Brothers Bloom” 2008) is no exception. After an argument with his mother’s boyfriend, Max runs off into the woods and comes across upon a small boat.

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Couples Retreat and Paranormal Activity Make Big Splash At Box Office During Opening Weekend – Previews and Trailers

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Couples Retreat - see trailers below

(Best Syndication News) The new Vince Vaughn comedy, “Couples Retreat”, came in first place this weekend at the box office knocking off last week’s winner, “Zombieland” (see all of the previews below). It is rare that two comedies hold the number one and two position at the box office.

“Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” raked in $12 million hitting the third place slot followed by the 1995 “Toy Story”. A movie that has been around for a while as a low budget cult film finally hit it big. The 2007 homespun film, “Paranormal Activity”, came in fourth place. Amazingly, the Michael Moore documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story” is hanging on to top ten this week. Documentaries usually fall right off the charts in their second week (see box office totals below).

Zombieland Wins Big At Box Office – Whip It, Toy Story, The Invention of Lying Previews and Trailers

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Whip It – see trailers below

(Best Syndication News) The new comedy / horror film, “Zombieland”, topped the box office charts this weekend grossing more than $25 million. Last week’s winner, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” took the second place slot with $16.7 million. Amazingly, the 3D version of the 1995 “Toy Story” film came in third place grossing $7.35 million in its opening weekend (see all of the numbers below).

The romantic / comedy, “The Invention of Lying”, hit the theaters running making it to fourth place in the opening weekend (see all of the trailers below). “Whip It’, the roller derby drama staring Ellen Page, Sarah Habel, Shannon Eagen and Edward Austin took the six place slot folled by the Michael Moore documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story”.

'Capitalism' Opens Today at a Theater Near You! invitation from Michael Moore

Michael Moore Capitalism

Michael Moore

(Best Syndication News) For two months, we've sat and watched the rabid right achieve the unimaginable: Derail universal health care and send the Democrats in Congress running for cover. Many have asked, "How did this happen? How could a small minority of angry people control the public agenda? Where is the majority's response? Why the silence?"

I don't have the answers to all these questions. But I do know this: I've had enough. As far as I'm concerned, Tea Bag Nation ends today -- at noon to be precise. For that's when I set loose, on a thousand screens across this great land, a movie I've made that's so relentless, so dangerous, so damning in its humor, that it will -- I can only hope -- do what no movie has done before: Take them down, take them all down, once and for all.

Michael Moore Capitalism Free Screenings Tonight for the Jobless and Homeless in America

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See Trailers Below

(Best Syndication News) We're just one day away from the widest opening I've ever had for any of my movies. Tomorrow, Friday, October 2nd, "Capitalism: A Love Story" opens on over a thousand screens across the United States, a record for an independent documentary.

This follows last weekend's limited opening in New York and L.A. where "Capitalism" set the box office record for the highest per screen average of ANY movie released so far this year. Not just any documentary -- any MOVIE! It was, as the studio said, a good indicator of just how well the movie may do when it goes wide this weekend. I sincerely hope they're right because I believe deeply in this film.

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