Former ‘Apprentice’ TV Show contestant to pose for Playboy

Former ‘Apprentice’ TV Show contestant to pose for Playboy

Kristine from The Apprentice Season 6 - NBC

Kristine Lefebvre will be gracing the cover of the June issue of Playboy magazine. She was fired just before the final four contestants for putting a wrong telephone number on a brochure.

Lefebvre is 37 years old, as is also a cancer survivor. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany. She was an ‘army brat’ that spent most of her time in Hawaii and Colorado growing up. She modeled in Miami and Milan to help pay for law school at Florida's Nova Southeastern University.

Lefebvre has represented entertainment and sports industry deals in her legal career. She had previously negotiated with Playboy spreads for a number of high profile clients. This may have been what spurred her to negotiate her posing for the magazine.

American Idol – Results Show – Surprise Goodbye to Sanjaya Malakar

American Idol – Results Show – Surprise Goodbye to Sanjaya Malakar

Karaoke Revolution American Idol Bundle

[Best Syndication] Wow! I guess Vote for the Worst viewers lost steam this week! Sanjaya Malakar was the contestant that was voted off the show this week. We knew that it was bound to happen, but we all worried that he would win the contest by being the worst. Whew, that is quite a big relief.

This makes quite a few people relieved. I do admit that he was entertaining in the way that he would have a theme hairdo each week. Even the little girl that cried in the audience for Sanjaya was so sweet. He has such a great big smile, and like I said before he seems very likeable, but finally things have come to and end and the worse performer was voted off this week. I think that Sanjaya will have a fan base beyond this show, and I almost suspect that he may even become a pop star after a few more voice lessons.

American Idol TV show - Country Theme Night Recap

American Idol TV show - Country Theme Night Recap

Timeless - Martina McBride

[Best Syndication] American Idol went country this week as country singer, Martina McBride, coached the final 7 contestants. I think that country music can be one of the most difficult music styles to pull of well, and many of the performers tonight didn’t live up to the task.

The worse performance last night was definitely Sanjaya Malakar. He had a red bandana in his hair that made him look like girl, with curly locks of hair fluffing out the back. The hair do gave us something to look at as he killed the song of Bonnie Raitt's “Something to Talk About.” Of course, the humor behind it is that we will have ‘something to talk about’ after that performance. Hopefully his next round will be truly great.

Chris Richardson has a voice that is not deep enough. The judges criticize his voice for being nasally. Whatever it is, I think his voice is straining along the way. He can perform and sing, but I just don’t like the voice that much.

Dancing with the Stars – Samba and Rhumba Night – April 16th TV show Recap

Dancing with the Stars – Samba and Rhumba Night – April 16th TV show Recap

'Dancing with the Stars' - ABC

Last week we said goodbye to Leeza Gibbons, so far none of the male stars have been sent home yet. This week we watched as the competition heat up with a perfect score from the judges.

Apolo Anton Ohno and his dance partner Julianne Hough scored a perfect 10 from all three judges. Julianne was complaining that she was sick of coming in third and wanted to win. This week Apolo worked hard and look it they pulled a perfect score of 30. The audience even gave them a standing ovation for their awesome performance last night.

I bet this might make Joey Fatone take his dance sessions a little more seriously next week. Joey was worried that the rhumba dance was too slow and he wouldn’t do as well. But still he did get a total score of 25.

Clyde Drexler is not showing improvement this week as he again is criticized for walking through the dance steps. His partner Elena Grinenko had to follow Clyde to China for rehearsals. Judge Bruno said that his rhumba looked like it was under an anaesthetic. They also broke a rule when Clyde lifted Elena up, he said because he was so tall.

FOX’s ‘Drive’ Two hour Premiere – Promises to have you hooked

FOX’s ‘Drive’ Two hour Premiere – Promises to have you hooked

'Drive' - FOX

[Best Syndication] It’s made for TV and they promise that if you like ‘LOST’ and ‘Heroes’ than you will want to see ‘Drive.’ The two hour premier is on FOX tonight.

The premise of the show is a group of people that are in an illegal race across the country to save either their life or someone they love. Some are unwilling participants in the road race and others want to join because there is a rumoured $32 million prize for the winner.

I wonder if it there will be enough mystery and an puzzle to solve. Most people enjoy the serialized show because of the mystery.

Here is what Fox’s website says about the show ‘Drive’

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