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Walnuts may help Lower Breast Cancer Risk

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[Best Syndication News] Eating walnuts may help reduce the risk of breast cancer said a recent study that was presented at the American Association for Cancer Research 100th Annual Meeting for 2009.

Elain Hardman, Ph.D., who is an associate professor of medicine at the Marshall University School of Medicine, presented her study that was conducted with lab animals which reflected positively the benefits of eating walnuts to prevent breast cancer.

Hardman said that walnuts are a healthy snack option and suggests that eating two ounces of walnuts a day would be the human equivalent that they used in the mice study. In her study, they fed on group of mice a diet with walnuts and another group of mice went without walnuts.

How to Prevent From Breast Cancer?

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As there are no known causes that produce disease, it is not possible at this time to conduct a primary prevention of it, but we are prepared for it, if introduced, early detection can be treated (secondary prevention). There are a number of aspects in this regard, it is desirable to keep in mind:

  • Breast self
  • Periodical Reviews
  • Screening programs
  • Heredity and breast cancer

Is breast self is really useful?

Monthly breast self has been a constant in prevention programs for breast cancer but has been losing importance in women's access to breast and gynecological journals and early detection programs. Today is payable on diagnosis of non-palpable breast cancers and this is achieved only with a study of instrumental quality. In prevention campaigns, these cases are already about 40% of diagnoses, most often it is not yet invasive tumors, with cures in almost 100% of the time.

Tests for Different Possible Cancers

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If cancer is a possibility, it is your doctor’s responsibility to order the necessary tests to accurately and quickly diagnose your cancer. The faster your cancer is diagnosed, the more quickly you can begin treatment and increase your chance of survival. Here are some tests that should be run if you suspect cancer:

Skin cancer

If your doctor thinks you have melanoma, he or she should take a biopsy from the area around the melanoma and send it to a pathology lab for analysis. If your biopsy shows melanoma, you may need to have more tests, like another biopsy or a lymph node dissection to determine whether the cancer has spread to your lymph nodes.

Breast cancer

Christina Applegate had Double Mastectomy to treat Breast Cancer

Christina Applegate had Double Mastectomy to treat Breast Cancer

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[Best Syndication News] Actress, Christina Applegate, 36, was diagnosed with breast cancer last month, and she decided to have a double mastectomy to avoid a relapse in the future she said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today.

Applegate said that she has a genetic risk for developing breast cancer and she said it was difficult to have both breasts removed. But she wants to prevent breast cancer from coming back. She said that she sometimes cries and screams, and gets angry with her losing her breasts.

Applegate said that her mother Nancy Priddy is also a breast cancer survivor and helped her throughout the diagnosis and mastectomy.

Christina Applegate Diagnosed With Breast Cancer – Samantha Who Slated For Next Season – Treatment Expected

Christina Applegate Diagnosed With Breast Cancer – Samantha Who Slated For Next Season – Treatment Expected

Christina Applegate - see videos below

(Best Syndication News) Christina Applegate, the actress who played daughter Kelly Bundy on “Married … With Children” and the current star of “Samantha Who” has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The 36 year-old Applegate is expected to recover fully and her life is not in danger, according to her publicist Ame Van Iden.

"Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer”, Iden said in a statement. There are various stages of breast cancer measured from 1 to 4. Prognosis is linked closely with the results of the staging. This means that it is doubtful that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. Mammograms and early detection have helped survival rates over the past decade.

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