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What are Toric IOLs?

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The 20 to 30 percent of cataract patients each year who also suffer from astigmatism have not always had the best options when it came to achieving complete vision improvement after cataract surgery.

While their cataracts, and possibly any nearsightedness and farsightedness, could all be corrected with an intraocular lens (IOL), these patients’ astigmatism issues were not improved after the cataract removal and lens exchange surgery.

Most of these patients either had to continue wearing corrective lenses or undergo another surgical procedure, such as LASIK, Custom LASIK or PRK.

The Sun and Your Eyesight

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You probably know that if you stay in the sun all day with no sunscreen or UV-blocking clothing, you will be burnt. Most people also know that if they do this for years, they may have a lovely suntan, but their skin will be damaged and will eventually develop patches of discoloration, wrinkles, and a leathery texture.

Do you also know that the eyes can be sunburnt? If you expose your eyes to too much sunshine for too many years, they can be permanently damaged in ways that will impair your eyesight. Ultraviolet light can be kept from causing eye damage if you:
• Stay out of the sun; or
• Wear polarized and well-designed sunglasses

Qualifications for New Jersey Ophthalmologists to do Eye Surgery

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What Is An Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who has completed an additional three-year accredited residency in ophthalmology. In addition to this formal, degreed education, ophthalmologists may be required to obtain certifications or credentials in specific procedures done within the scope of their practices.

Who Determines Ophthalmologists’ Qualifications?

Each state establishes requirements for licensing medical practitioners within its boundaries. The New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners (NJSTME) issues licenses to ophthalmologists practicing in New Jersey who have demonstrated their qualifications this specialized field of medicine.

When NOT To Use An Eye Gel

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Too many times doctors see women in their offices because of cosmetic problems. This can be true with any cosmetic, but it seems to be truer when it comes to specific ones that target the eye. One of these instances happens to be the use of an eye gel.

Eye gel, when used appropriately, can produce dramatic and long lasting effects. The problem arises when an eye gel is used inappropriately, usually directly as a result of not following the manufacturers directions or simply not doing a little research on the product.

There are many women that use eye gel and they really shouldn’t. Many of these women are simply too young to even begin considering such an item.

Gene Therapy Improves Vision In Adult Humans

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(Best Syndication News) University of Florida researchers report that gene therapy can improve the vision in adult humans who were born with “extremely impaired sight”. The brain actually rewires itself to recognize sections of the retina that were treated with this technique.

One patient was able to see the digital clock in the car using her treated eye. She was never able to read the time with either eye. So far three volunteers have received doses of corrective genes in selected areas of their retinas at Shands at the University of Florida medical center.

The scientists decided to compare various regions of the retina to see where they focusing. They measured where her gaze was fixed while looking at a variety of dim targets. Amazingly, the participants had two preferred centers of vision rather than one. The region of the retina depended on the brightness of the object.

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