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Gentle Molding Eye Procedure Is Alternative to Lasik Surgery

Gentle Molding Eye Procedure Is Alternative to Lasik Surgery

Gentle Molding Lens - source: GM website

(Best Syndication News) You may not need to undergo surgery to correct your vision, according to doctors in the United States (see videos below). Gentle Molding (GM) is a non-surgical procedure that molds the cornea into the proper shape while you sleep.

Like Lasik, Gentle Molding reshapes your eye, but unlike Lasik there is no need for surgery. If you have wanted to get rid of glasses and contacts but were hesitant to undergo laser surgery, this technique may be for you. The method uses therapeutic contact lenses to improve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism.

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In Portland, Oregon the 20/20 Institute offers a LASIK Commitment for Life

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Portland, Oregon, June 16, 2009 – The 20/20 Institute in Portland, Oregon makes a strong commitment to its guests. You will be offered the reassurance and comfort of 20/20 Institute’s LASIK Commitment for Life. Their highly-experienced doctors and staff members will use the most advanced FDA-approved laser technology to give you the clearest possible vision. They will also work to maintain the safest and best possible LASIK vision for you over your lifetime and there is no extra charge if future LASIK refinements are needed.*

The http://www.2020institute.com/commitment.htm 20/20 Institute Commitment for Life allows you to proceed with your LASIK procedure knowing one of the leading LASIK providers in the country is behind you. Your initial evaluation and consultation is very comprehensive and is free of charge. This evaluation will most likely be the most detailed eye exam you have ever had. 20/20 Institute utilizes the most advanced diagnostic technology available. Your individual vision imperfections will be pinpointed in detail, and your personalized measurements will form the basis for your customized vision correction treatment plan.

Denver's 20/20 Institute LASIK Commitment for Life

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Denver, Colorado, June 16, 2009 – The 20/20 Institute in Englewood, Colorado makes a commitment to its patients. Every guest will be offered the comfort of the 20/20 Institute’s LASIK Commitment for Life. For no additional charge, 20/20’s experienced doctors and staff will use the most advanced FDA-approved laser technology to give you your best LASIK vision and maintain it for your lifetime. *

The 20/20 Institute Commitment for Life is not empty words. You can read the http://www.2020institute.com/testimonials.html testimonials of some of their many happy patients for yourself, and this page has photos of some of the patients. That helps you connect the people with the real impact it has on their quality of life. Some are quite detailed, as the patients share their 20/20 Institute LASIK Experience.

Horizon Eye Care Doctor Named One of Sightpath Medical's Top 50 Refractive Surgeons

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Horizon Eye Care in Charlotte, North Carolina is proud to announce that one of its doctors, Dr. David N. Ulgand, MD, has been named one of Sightpath Medical's Top 50 Refractive Surgeons.

What Is Sightpath Medical?

Sightpath Medical is a distributor of medical technology that helps bring innovative technologies to doctors and to help doctors and patients utilize that technology to achieve the best possible results. They help the doctors at Horizon Eye Care receive the tools they need to perform advanced vision treatments like http://www.horizoneye.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/site.content/type/24541.cfm LASIK, Custom LASIK and http://www.horizoneye.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/site.content/type/53211.cfm all-laser LASIK.

What Does Recognition Signify?

LASIK Statistics

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Are you considering http://www.lasikdocs.com/lasik.html LASIK laser vision correction surgery, but feeling concerned about safety issues or costs? You may be surprised to learn just how popular, affordable and hassle-free LASIK surgery truly is.

More than seventeen million people across the globe, including eight million Americans, have enjoyed the many benefits of LASIK, fueling the procedure’s popularity in a global market expected to have exceeded three billion dollars in 2008. Satisfaction rates are high, with ninety percent of LASIK patients stating they would recommend the procedure to others, and seventy percent stating the quality of their vision was amazing.

Age of LASIK Patients

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