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If you’re suffering from cataracts, a high refractive error, or if you’re not eligible for http://www.hummeleye.com/lasik.html LASIK or other laser vision correction options, replacing your eyes natural lens with a premium Intraocular Lens (IOL) may be your best option to achieve vision free from contacts or glasses.

Just a few years ago, the only options available to people correcting their vision with premium IOLs were lenses that were designed to provide either near or distance vision; forcing patients to use contacts or glasses to see objects at other distances. Today, doctors on the forefront of IOL technology; like Dr. Chris Hummel and Dr. Deena Sylvester in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, provide patients with the most premium IOLs available:

Epi-LASIK: Who is a Good Candidate?

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Determining if you are a good epi-LASIK candidate is something that only an experienced LASIK surgeon can do, after a thorough eye exam and many tests. If you have been told in the past that you are not a good LASIK candidate, you might still be a good epi-LASIK candidate.

How Thick Are Your Corneas?

One of the principal determining factors is the thickness of your corneas. The cornea is the clear front covering over the eye and is the place where the laser vision correction is done.

The eyes are filled with fluid which puts outward pressure on the eyeball wall. The cornea is part of the wall, along with the sclera (white part) and retina (camera film at the back). The eyeball wall must be thick enough to withstand that outward pressure without being damaged. Keep in mind that laser vision correction is done by removing little pieces of the cornea to reshape it. After tissue is removed there must still be enough thickness to maintain the eyeball’s shape.

Laser Eye Surgery Could Improve Your Sporting Life

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If you wear glasses, the chances are that sporting interactions in your daily life can be troublesome. Whether you play football in your local league or you're an avid rugby watcher, it's possible that your less than perfect vision may impede your ability to appreciate the finer moments in sports games. Even if you wear contact lenses when playing sports, problems can persist: your eyes could get dry and itchy at the crucial stages of a match, costing you or your team a much needed victory. Or you might lose a lens during play and have to spend hours searching for it among the grass or mud.

If you feel that these restrictions are a significant factor in lowering your quality of life, it might be time to think about laser eye surgery. In the past, people may have considered such surgery a dramatic option to take towards optical improvement.

Discount Prescription Eyeglasses Online

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[Best Syndication News] How about $40 for a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses that would cost you at least $100 or more at a optical store sound? It is possible to get these low prices if you are willing to shop for discount prescription eyeglasses online. I even saw one place with prescription eyeglasses starting at $7.95!

Not all websites that sell prescription eyeglasses are all at a low price, so you will have to shop around a little bit to find the lowest prices.

You can upgrade to thinner plastic lenses for additional prices and add extras on the order, but still the price can be half price of even the best priced brick and mortar optical centers.

Getting Your Eye Glass Prescription Filled for the Best Value for your Money

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[Best Syndication News] Anyone that has eyeglasses knows that getting your prescription filled for the complete pair of glasses can add up to hundreds of dollars. I recently went through needing a new prescription to see better and guess what there was so many different prices on glasses and sales going on it left me with a headache. The good news is I got myself a new set of glasses for under $100 that didn’t leave me looking like I was from the 1980’s. Here is what I learned about shopping for a pair of eyeglasses over the last few days.

First things first, you have to get a prescription from an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. An optometrist is less expensive, but is often just fine for most people to go to get an eye check up. Different optometrists will have equipment that will electronically measure your eyesight. You will also likely get a glaucoma check where they will put a puff of air to check if you have this medical problem. Some optometrists have equipment that will take a digital photo of the inside of your eye checking for problems with the retina. Sometimes they also may check your blood pressure to make sure that is not causing your vision to be bad. Walmart seemed to offer the least expensive optometrist visit at $58 (prices probably will vary depending on were you live) while the other optometrists with more equipment were at around $80 - $90. You can expect to pay around $130 for an ophthalmologist if you are going to get a dilated eye exam. But optometrist can also dilate your eyes if needed.

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