Oprah Winfrey for President – Doesn’t sound likely

Oprah Winfrey for President – Doesn’t sound likely

Patick Crowe Book - Front Cover

Oprah Winfrey is not interested in running for President of the United States and is having her legal team stop the attempts of Patick Crowe, a Kansas City businessman from promoting his book called “Oprah for President: Run, Oprah, Run.” According to a reports from TV Guide Oprah’s legal department is claiming that Crowe is causing “damage and irreparable injury” to the TV talk show host’s business.

Crowe has gone so far as to even set up a toll free number at 1-800-Oprah. Crowe is being asked to cancel the phone number referencing her name and also to pull the book and not continue to sell it any longer with reference to Oprah Winfrey.

Crowe may be using Oprah's name for financial gain to market his own business ventures. Underneath the main title of the book the byline says "The Business Miracle: How the Owner of a Tiny Car Wash Business in Kansas City Got His Business seen, Heard or Read About by More than Ten Million Americans."

Oprah for President, sure why not.

Autopsy Result For Daniel Smith Will Not Be Released Until October – Anna Nicole Has Called For Second Autopsy

Autopsy Result For Daniel Smith Will Not Be Released Until October – Anna Nicole Has Called For Second Autopsy

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Although the autopsy results of the son of Anna Nicole Smith has not been released yet, the former reality TV star has already called for a second private autopsy. The Bahamian coroner’s office has given her authorization to bring in her own pathologist to perform the second autopsy.

This may not be so unusual, according to some experts. In a report from the Associated Press, head coroner, Linda Virgill says "It's nothing unusual for families to want their own pathologist to confirm or look for something that may have been overlooked." Virgill has said that she believes she knows the cause of Daniels death, but is awaiting the report from a toxicology screening.

CSI Crime Scene TV Show - CSI Continues - The Difficult Seventh Season

CSI Crime Scene TV Shows - CSI Continues - The Difficult Seventh Season

CSI Crime Scene Seasons 1-5 on DVD (am)

Well, it's that time of year again. For the seventh year running, this fall season we'll see a new season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation hit our screens.

Since its debut in the fall season of 2000, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has been a major draw for the CBS Network. It became the most watched program on television in the 2002-2003 season, and has since remained in the top 3 most popular shows ever since. As of the sixth season each episode attracted an average of 30 million viewers, and 90 million people have seen the show in the past year.

The sixth season closed with a spectacular two-parter in which Detective Jim Brass was left fighting for life after a hostage negotiation went wrong. When murderer Willie Cutler took a woman hostage in a Vegas hotel room, Brass volunteered to negotiate. However, when things went awry Cutler fired three shots at Brass - and one of the shots breached his bulletproof vest, a bullet lodging in his heart.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are Legally Separating

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are Legally Separating

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Whitney Houston is calling for an end to her 14 year marriage with Bobby Brown. Houston filed papers requesting a legal separation from Brown this past Friday at the Orange County Superior Court.

Houston reports on the separation paperwork that it is for irreconcilable differences. This is not a divorce yet at this time.

Houston is requesting to have custody of their 13 year-old daughter, and will allow for Brown to have visitation rights. Property allocation will be set for at another date.

Last year the couple had their own reality show on Bravo called “Being Bobby Brown.”

Alcohol May Have Been A Factor in Daniel Smith’s Death – Anna Nicole Smith Suffered Memory Loss of Incident - TMZ Reports

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Alcohol may have been a factor in Daniel Smith’s death, according to the TMZ website. Daniel Smith is the son of the famed model, reality TV star, dancer and Playboy Bunny, Anna Nicole Smith.

The TMZ website says that sources connected to the investigation say that police have interviewed personnel on board his flight to the Bahamas, and there are rumblings that alcohol on the aircraft may have been a "factor".

After Daniel arrived in the Bahamas Anna Nicole’s attorney, Howard Stern, picked him up and drove him directly to the hospital where his mother was with her newborn daughter. Evidently Daniel died suddenly while in his mother’s hospital room.

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