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Do I Qualify For a VA Loan

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VA loan definitely has more advantages over a non-VA loan. Like for example, you do not have to make the down payments unlike the non-VA loan or you do not even have to insure your VA loan unlike the other loans. Also this loan has much lower rates of interest as compared to the non-VA loans. All this evidently sum up to a huge amount of savings in a year for the borrower. Unquestionably this mortgage loan is very much more lucrative. But then there are few conditions that you have to fulfill before you qualify for a VA loan. Read below to know them.

Before you qualify for VA loan you have see whether you are even eligible for it or not. For this you have to attain a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA department of United States. To attain this certificate you have to fill up a form called the VA Form 26-1880, Request for a Certificate of Eligibility for Home Loan Benefits. This form is obtainable online at the VA Home Loan government website. After filling the form you must submit it along with your other military documents at a VA Eligibility Center to get the certificate. You can also know your eligibility from lenders who have access to the Certificate of Eligibility through internet. They can easily process your request online and check if you are eligible for it or not.

Lancaster Palmdale Home Prices Falling – Foreclosures And Bank Owned Homes Hitting Low Values

Lancaster Palmdale Home Prices Falling – Foreclosures And Bank Owned Homes Hitting Low Values Listing

(Best Syndication News) The bad news is that housing prices have plunged in the Lancaster / Palmdale area, but it can also be good news if you are looking for a bargain. The timing may be right to start investing in land and residential property in California again.

Now that the housing bubble has burst there are listings for 4 bedroom homes for $35,000. Home values have dropped so far they are about the same as they were back in the 1980s. Financing is tight but cash is king. Swarms of investors are now looking at the Palmdale Lancaster area of Los Angeles County for homes to buy, sell and rent.

Mortgage Apple Cake Sales help Woman avoid Foreclosure of her Home

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[Best Syndication News] Angela Logan, a 55 year old mother of three sons, was in desperation after she was hit by storm damage repair costs to her home and she depleted financially and her home was in the foreclosure process. She was needing to come up with $2,500 to pay for a mortgage payment that would be due in 10 days so she could qualify for President Obama's Making Home Affordable plan. She managed to sell enough apple cakes to make the payment and figured if she could sell 100 cakes at $40 each she could make enough profit to make the payment and keep her home.

Logan lived in her home in Teaneck, N.J for 20 years. She had a construction project that the contractor went over budget on to repair the house that suffered from storm damage. In addition to this she was expecting thousands of dollars for acting work that she had completed, but the agency that represented her went under and she didn't get paid. Logan also is a substitute teacher and is studying at Bergen Community College in New Jersey to become a nurse. So her finances were depleted and she couldn't keep up with the mortgage payments.

Home Sales on the Rise - Recovery Act Tax Credit for First Time Homebuyer spurs Real Estate Market

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[Best Syndication News] There was an increase in new single family home sales in the month of June 2009. The US Bureau of the Census said that there was an 11 percent increase for the month of June and this was more than the private sector analysts expected which was only expected to be 2.3 percent.

The reason for the increase in new home sales was due to home buyers taking advantage of the Recovery Act tax incentives along with the discounted housing prices.

U.S. Under Secretary for Economic Affairs Rebecca Blank made a statement saying “The evidence is clear that home buyers are taking advantage of Recovery Act tax incentives, declines in home prices and relatively low mortgage rates. Both new and existing homes have become more affordable. While the economic environment remains difficult, as more Recovery Act dollars hit the streets, we anticipate that it will further bolster the economy in the coming months.”

Online Unclaimed Property Police Auctions and other ways to Buy Lost or Returned Goods

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[Best Syndication News] Unclaimed property that was recovered by Police departments across the US often times are auctioned off different times throughout the year. A website called, was featured on NBC's Today Show showing how one company is helping to sell off the unclaimed property via an online auction format. In addition to this you might be able to find some deals on lost baggage, shipments, and returned goods that also are inventory liquidators. was founded by former police officers in 1999 which specializes in auctioning off stolen, seized, found and surplus goods and vehicles. The website states that currently they are working with 1,500 law enforcement and other public agencies nationwide to sell the goods via the online auction format. They also inventory, coordinate, promote and have live auctions as well.

There are other ways to find a bargain of course. You can also look into stores in your area that sell unclaimed freight, unclaimed or damaged packages and unclaimed luggage.

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