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Space Shuttle Atlantis lands for Last Time

Space Shuttle Atlantis landing for last time -  PHOTO CREDIT:   CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration

(Best Syndication News) - The STS-135 mission ended today when the Space Shuttle landed at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 5:57 a.m. EDT. This marks the end of the Space Shuttle program for NASA, which lasted 30 years.

The Atlantis landed safely with Commander Chris Ferguson and his crew. The STS-135 mission crew included Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, Mission Specialists Sandra Magnus and Rex Walheim.

The STS-135 mission involved a major delivery of parts, supplies, and food to the International Space Station. This included 9400 pounds of spare parts, extra equipment and miscellaneous supplies, which were packaged inside the Raffaello multi-purpose logistics module. There was 2,677 pounds of food that was delivered on this mission trip. There is now enough supplies and food to provide a year’s worth of living needs for the astronauts. The mission crew also removed 5,700 pounds of “unwanted” items that the brought back to Earth. Possibly, it was their “trash” but could have been other stuff.

Nissan working on Solar Power Battery Recharging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Japan Post Service Co., Ltd's Test Car - Nissan

(Best Syndication News) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is working with 4R Energy Corporation to develop a solar-powered recharging station for electric vehicles. The two companies have been testing the charging system at Nissan’s Yokohama global headquarters.

The tests have been using solar technology to recharge lithium-ion batteries. They have seven solar powered charging stations. Three of them are quick charge and four offer a normal charge. Each charging station has the ability to charge the batteries comparable to that of four Nissan LEAF electric vehicles. Nissan said that these seven charging stations could completely charge 1,800 LEAF electric vehicles every year.

Atlantis Space Shuttle Launch successful for Final STS-135 Mission

Final Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch - Image credit: NASA TV

(Best Syndication News) - The last launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis and the last of the Space Shuttle Program lifted off at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The momentous event was televised as the shuttle blasted off today, July 8, 2011, at 11:29 a.m. EDT. The STS-135 mission is heading toward the International Space Station.

The historic final Space Shuttle launch puts an end to a program. This is the 135th shuttle flight. Atlantis has made 33 trips into space. After the 12-day mission, the Atlantis Space Shuttle will be retired and put on display at the Kennedy Space Museum in Florida.

There will be some interesting experiments that will be conducted on STS-135 mission. They will convert bodily fluids to drinking water, bringing tomato seeds in space, and be testing mobile smartphones as a possible robotic space surveillance system. The astronauts will be doing many other tasks on this final space shuttle mission that are listed at the website.

HP new LaserJet Pro 100 Color (MFP M175nw) - Smallest Multifunction Color Laser Printer now available

HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw printer

(Best Syndication News) - HP announced that their new LaserJet Pro 100 color (MFP M175nw) printer is now available, and is the smallest multifunction color laser being sold. The MSRP for the printer is $349.

In addition to having a small size, the new HP LaserJet Pro 100 color (MFP M175nw) printer offers energy and time saving features. The printer has a HP Auto-Off and Instant-on Technology that help to save on energy consumption.

There are wireless and Ethernet connections directly to the printer making it great for work environments. Many devices such as smartphones, and notebook computers will be able to print over the network to the printer.

NASA prepares for Final Launch of Space Shuttle Program this July 8

Atlantis First to Land at KSC Since 1985 - Photo credit: NASA/KSC Nov. 20, 1990

(Best Syndication News) - NASA is getting ready for the scheduled STS-135 mission, which is the final one for the Atlantis Space Shuttle, and will be the last launch for the entire Space Shuttle program. The launch is scheduled to take place on July 8, 2011 at 11:26 a.m. EDT from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The STS-135 mission is a 12-day journey for the astronaut crew to deliver supplies and work on the International Space Station. They will be bringing the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module, which contains supplies and spare parts to be used at the space station.

The Atlantis Space Shuttle after retired, will be put on display at the Kennedy Space Museum in Florida.

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