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Turning Seawater Into Hydroline

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Aren’t you tired of high gasoline prices and frequent shortages? Because of (the excuse used for) Hurricane Ike, I saw the price of gas jump from $3.79 on a Thursday, to $4.29 the next morning. A half dollar rise in one day? I’ve never seen a $0.15 fall from one day to another. So who will join me in this venture?

I foresee hydroline as being a compatible fuel with today’s engines, being perhaps $0.45 a gallon, with distribution centers in nearly every state. Also, we could have production centers in half the states across America. Who will join me in this venture?

Where do all the Electronic Waste Go?

Where do all the Electronic Waste Go?

see video below

[Best Syndication News] Foreign countries are taking on our toxic electronic trash according to a US Government Accountability Office (GOA) report. Shipping electronics with CRT’s (think computer monitors, TV’s) is a violation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules set up in January of 2007. The EPA rules don’t cover other electronics.

The report says that exporting old electronics is a “thriving” market overseas. The EPA hasn’t been enforcing the CRT rule, and there is concern because each CRT could contain as much as four pounds of toxic lead. If the computer monitor or TV is exported to a developing country what happens to the environment when the item reaches their trash?

The undercover investigation conducted by GAO found that 43 U.S companies were willing to dispose of broken CRT monitor to Asian countries. In all the GAO sent emails to 343 U.S recyclers of electronic equipment.

iRobot co-founder anounces New Startup Heartland Robotics

iRobot co-founder anounces New Startup Heartland Robotics

iRobot 530 Roomba Vacuuming Robot

[Best Syndication News] The co-founder, Rodney Brooks, of iRobot is spending less time at this company so that he can get his new company, Heartland Robotics, which he says will be to create robots that will help people at work.

While Brooks will remain on the board of iRobot, he will be taking a leaving at his post at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Brooks sees that this is the beginning of a potentially huge growth in robots being used in the workforce. I guess the big buzzword in robotics is that he sees the mobile robots booming. In Boston there are a lot of robotics startups, and he thinks the robotics industry will boom.

Brooks is anticipating robots to revolutionize the way we do things in the next 25 years, much like the personal computer did for our work.

Cows go with the Flow – Magnetic Flow

Cows go with the Flow – Magnetic Flow

screenshot of Google Maps

[Best Syndication News] Using Google Earth, researchers from University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany discovered that cows line their bodies either north or south while grazing or resting. This fascinating study will be published in this week’s issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

So if you find yourself lost find a herd of cows and watch their bodies how the line up.

Hynek Burda led the study because when he originally was looking up on Google Earth how humans might align their tents while camping. He thought that since the naked mole rats have an internal magnetic compass, humans should too. Instead of seeing tents which were difficult to see, he saw lots of cows in a nearby field.

New Cloaking Device – Similar To One Blanket Used In Harry Potter Films - Metamaterials

New Cloaking Device – Blanket Similar To One Used In Harry Potter Films - Metamaterials

See Videos Below

(Best Syndication News) Two scientific breakthroughs are helping Berkley scientists achieve what was once science fiction: A cloaking device that will make us invisible to the human eye (see Videos Below). Advances in the development of “metamaterials” are making it possible.

Various materials, including water can bend light. This is called refraction. Unlike other materials in nature, these new metamaterials can perform “negative refraction.” Professor Xiang Zhang puts helps clarify what is happening. "What we have done is take two very different approaches to the challenge of creating bulk metamaterials that can exhibit negative refraction in optical frequencies. Both bring us a major step closer to the development of practical applications for metamaterials."

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