New York Senator Proposes Ban for iPod listening and other Electronic Devices

New York Senator Proposes Ban for iPod listening and other Electronic Devices

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While the Apple iPod has provided entertainment for millions of people, there has been an increase in the number of pedestrians being hit by oncoming vehicles because of the distraction and inability to hear traffic. New York Senator Carl Kruger is proposing a ban on the metropolitan streets in New York to help prevent these pedestrian accidents which have often been deadly.

If the ban is put into place, if you are caught using any kind of electronic device while crossing the streets you will be cited with a $100 fine. This ban would include bicyclists, walkers, and runners on city streets. These pedestrians would be permitted to use these electronic devices in the city parks.

The difference between LCD and plasma flat-panel TVs

The difference between LCD and plasma flat-panel TVs

Samsung LN-S4095D 40" 1080p LCD HDTV

What is the difference between LCD and plasma flat-panel TVs? Also, has an HDTV standard for the United States been officially adopted? I am thinking about purchasing a new TV set and am not sure whether it's wise to do it now or wait.

LCD TVs use an LCD panel to create the picture. It's the same LCD screen technology you find on laptop computers and digital cameras. Plasma TVs use gas suspended within glass panels and stimulated by an electrical field to create the picture.

Each technology has its advantages. Plasmas tend to have a better picture than LCD TVs, while LCD TVs promise better long-term reliability and freedom from screen burn-in worries.

Apple iPhone Introduced By Steve Jobs – Includes Internet Access Maps Email Music-Player and Cell Phone

Apple iPhone Introduced By Steve Jobs – Includes Internet Access Maps Email Music-Player and Cell Phone


Apple Inc. introduced their state-of-the-art iPhone Tuesday which combines three devices into one. The iPhone has internet access, including browsing capabilities, maps, and email. The gadget is also an iPod with touch controls and a widescreen. The iPhone is also a phone of course, but Apple forgot to integrate a camera.

The company made their device ultra-thin and lightweight. The large “multi-touch” interface allows you control everything with your finger tips. Apple says this mobile device ushers in an era of “software power and sophistication never before seen”.

But there are already some problems. It appears that Cisco has trademarked and owns the name of their new phone. Cisco has the rights to the iPhone name. Apple has been in negotiations with Cisco for the rights and expects to sign an agreement soon.

How To Download Ipod Games

How To Download Ipod Games

Apple iPod

Before I wrote this article I was sitting on my porch, enjoying the afternoon sun while playing Me and My Katmari on my Ipod. Now I love downloading Ipod games but until recently I didn’t even know you could download games onto your Ipod until my friend John showed me how.

It’s quite easy to download Ipod games. Most sites provide the converter you need in order to put the Ipod software downloads onto your Ipod.

Once you’ve downloaded the games of your choice, you can play them directly on your Ipod Mini, Ipod Nano or video Ipod.

There are so many different games you can download to your Ipod; sports, action, strategy, puzzles, driving, adventure, simulations and role-playing. Some of the most popular games at the moment are action games such as Persuit Force, Daxter and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Popular shooter games include Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Essentials. A popular arcade/puzzle game is Me and My Katmari. Two popular fighting games are Fight Night: Round 3 and Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai.

Visio 37 HDTV Product Review

Visio 37 HDTV Product Review

Vizio L37 37" 1366x768 / 600:1 Contrast Ratio / HDMI / Built in HD Tuner / LCD TV w/Speakers

Many are looking for the Visio 37 HDTV because one of the most promising companies to come out in recent years in the world of HDTV is Visio, or Vizio. They offer only a few different TV’s, but they have some of the lowest prices available anywhere. They are a great starter set for those looking to take a dip in the HDTV pool without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

While Visio doesn’t make a 37-inch plasma HDTV, they do make a 37-inch LCD model that is very attractive. The Visio 37” LCD L37 HDTV is the number one selling set of that size in the United States right now and it retails for $999 on their own website. In the UK, it sells for the same price but in English Pounds from retailers such as Tiger Direct. The set comes with a one-year warranty and has an excellent resolution at 1366x768.

Visio does make other sets, as well. If you must have a plasma TV, they make a 42” model and a 50” model.

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