Detroit Tigers Beat St Louis Cardinals in Game Two – Kenny Rogers Pitches Another Scoreless Game While Craig Monroe Hits Homerun

Detroit Tigers Beat St Louis Cardinals in Game Two – Kenny Rogers Pitches Another Scoreless Game While Craig Monroe Hits Homerun

Kenny Rogers
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The World Series is even at one game each thanks in part to the great pitching of Detroit Tiger Kenny Rogers. On Sunday he threw 99 pitches walking three and striking out five. Todd Jones was called in by Tigers Manager, Jim Leyland, in the top of the ninth inning.

Rogers has thrown 23 scoreless innings in three postseason starts, with all of them victories at home. The last time a pitcher threw more scoreless innings was in 1957 by Lew Burdette. Before that we need to go back to Christy Mathewson in 1905 to see a that type of performance. Rogers only allowed two hits over eight innings allowing the Tigers to win 3-1.

The 44 degree weather did not slow the veteran Rogers, who has played in the majors for more than two decades. With the wind-chill, the temperature seemed like it was in the low 30’s (according to MLB officials) at Comerica Park. He played with both New York teams before settling in to Detroit.

How to Be a Good Little League Coach

How to Be a Good Little League Coach

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You've probably seen it at the local ball field. A well-meaning, but overzealous parent-coach screaming at a team full of little kids as if the World Series was on the line. On the other field, another team is wandering around looking for directions from their coach who is trying to figure out who's up next. What does it take to be a good Little League coach?

The number one virtue Little League coaches need to develop is patience. Children do not have the attention span or the discipline of adults and need to be constantly reminded about technique and sportsmanship. Coaches need patience to work with a large group of children who may be at different levels of expertise. Many major league ball players have stories of making it to the majors because of a coach who never gave up on them.

Tips On ESPN Fantasy Baseball

There are numerous ways to get involved with fantasy baseball and one of the most popular is ESPN fantasy baseball. Before you get started; however, there are several tips you should keep in mind in order to make your experience even better.

First, it is important to understand how ESPN fantasy baseball works. Really, it’s no different than any other type of fantasy baseball. The main idea behind it is for you as a team owner to draft professional players for your team. As the season goes on you will collect the real statistics generated by those players and receive fantasy points based on those numbers. In other words, when a real live player performs well in the real live world you gain more fantasy points. The more fantasy points you accumulate, the better chance you stand to become the winner among the rest of the teams. As the season unwinds, the team that manages to accumulate the most points will become the league winner.

With ESPN fantasy baseball you can have as many teams as you want. The glitch is that you’ll need to pay for each additional team. The first team is about $30; however, if you want to have multiple teams you can sign up for a multi-pack. If you at all think that you may want to sign up for more than one team, go ahead and do it all at once because there is a big savings advantage. For example, a five-pack costs only $69.96 as opposed to the $150 it would cost if you signed up for them separately.

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