SuperBowl XLIII Pre-Game Information – Odds of Pittsburg Steelers Over Arizona Cardinals – History of AFC and NFC

SuperBowl XLIII Pre-Game Information – Odds of Pittsburg Steelers Over Arizona Cardinals – History of AFC and NFC

SuperBowl XLIII

(Best Syndication News) Although Las Vegas is picking the Steelers to win Superbowl 43, most Americans now favor the Cardinals. But odds makers don’t pick a team because they are the underdog darling. They look at statistics, teams, before handicapping the game.

Odds and Favorites

Pittsburg will still need to perform to win. They need to rush the passer on defense and run the ball on offense. During the regular season they were able to do that and they are likely to do that on Superbowl Sunday. If the Steelers can not put the pressure on Cardinal quarterback Kurt Warner, expect the QB to get comfortable and start completing passes. Warner is known for sitting in his pocket and finding the gaps in coverage.

The International Language of Football

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As one of the most popular sports on earth, football has been keeping millions of people entertained across the globe for the best part of a century now. However, it has actually existed in some shape or form since as far back as the third century; the ancient game of Cuju – literally ‘Kick Ball’ - was played throughout many parts of Asia.

Indeed, the sport has existed in various forms throughout the centuries, but it wasn’t until 1863 when the English Football Association (FA) was formed, that the precise rules of play were ratified and now – over a century and a half later – the sport continues to go from strength to strength across the globe.

A Candid Interview With Rudolph (The Red-nosed Reindeer)

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Yes, we are talking about the same Rudolph. Maybe you’ve not met him but you know “His-story.” However before now he had not told “His-story,” because as he put it, “history” had distorted it, and no one would listen to him. Fortunately I got the opportunity to sit down and have a candid conversation with Rudolph – The Red-nosed Reindeer.

The story as we know it has been summed up in a Christmas Carol which we all know and love. We sing it with our kids, we sing it when we trounce through the snow caroling in our neighborhoods. It makes us feel good, makes us appreciate the season and makes us root for the underdog or under-deer in this case.

So how about if we get started!

Tony: Hello Rudolph it is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to finally visit with you. I have only a few questions and would like to jump right in.

Chargers Lose To Steelers In Final Seconds

Chargers Lose To Steelers In Final Seconds

Snowing at Heinz Field

(Best Syndication News) The San Diego Chargers lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the final seconds of Sunday’s snowy and blistering cold game. It all came down to a 32-yard field goal by Jeff Reed after a 6 minute 30 second march down the field running down the clock to just 11 seconds. Reed had to hit it.

The win put the Steelers in the top spot of the AFC North after the Ravens lost to the Giants. They did it with Rothlisberger completing 31-for-41 passing for 308 yards bringing their record to 7-3. But Reed scored the points in this game hitting three field goals. James Harrison was also credited with a safety at Heinz field.

Still no Study on Pure Power Mouthguard

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The claims of the manufacturers of the Pure Power Mouthguard and Pure Power Edge (PPM/PPE) are extraordinary. They claim that the orthotic increases strength, balance, and performance among athletes. They claim their sports guard can help athletes in all sports, including those that do not normally utilize a sports guard. Sports where they believe the PPM/PPE may help include:

• Baseball

• Basketball

• Bicycling

• Running, including cross country, track, and marathons

• Football

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