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Aerobic Exercise is best at Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Credit: National Cancer Institute Bill Branson (Photographer) - PD

(Best Syndication News) - Duke researchers found aerobic exercise offered optimum fat burning and weight loss compared to weight lifting (resistance training), or a combination of the two exercises. The study results were reported in the December 15, 2012 issue of the Journal of Applied Physiology.

To investigate, researchers conducted a randomized trial with 234 overweight and obese adults. The participants were randomly assigned to a resistance group, an aerobic group, or a combination of resistance and aerobic exercise group.

Anytime Fitness achieves 2,000 Club Location Milestone

Anytime Fitness Reaches 2,000 Clubs In Just 10 Years! (PRNewsFoto/Anytime Fitness)

(Best Syndication News) - Anytime Fitness achieved a milestone when a new club in The Netherlands opened today. The chain now has a total of 2,000 locations. The 2000th club location milestone was achieved in only one decade.

Chuck Runyon, Anytime Fitness CEO and co-founder, said that they have accomplished quick growth while earning customer loyalty.

The 2000th club location was opened in Neede, which is 90 miles east of Amsterdam. This is the eighth Anytime Fitness location in The Netherlands. Anytime Fitness clubs can be found in 12 different countries, including locations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Japan, Australia, and Spain.

Calorie Burning Brown Fat is Beige in Adult Humans

Apple and tape measure - BSN

(Best Syndication News) - Researchers from Harvard Medical School have identified a third type of fat cell which is beige and has characteristics of brown fat. The brown fat burns calories to create body heat, while white fat stores the energy. The researchers reported their findings in the July 12, 2012 issue of the journal Cell.

Bruce Spiegelman of the Harvard Medical School explained that the new third type is found in most or all humans.

The beige fat discovery gives researchers a new avenue to investigate different ways to give these cells a boost to burn off more energy. This could lead to new ways for a person to shed excess body fat.

Bowflex Dumbbell set recall announced for needed Repair

Bowflex recall for repair - CPSC

(Best Syndication News) - The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the voluntary recall by Nautilus for their Bowflex dumbbells because the weight-setting dial could stop working correctly causing plates to fall off when lifted up from the stand. The company is offering a free repair kit to remedy this problem.

The Bowflex® SelectTech® 1090 Dumbbells are involved in the recall. Nautilus is recalling around 17,000 of these units after they have received 16 reports of the weight dial not working correctly. Three people reported being injured on the foot or leg.

Exercise Equipment Recall - Resistance Bands and Cord Kits sold at Target Stores need Repairs

One of the packages involved in the recall - CPSC.gov

(Best Syndication News) - The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), along with Target, have announced the recall of around 447,000 Embark Resistance Cords and Cord Kits. The company wants to repair the unit to prevent injuries to the consumers.

Target received three reports of injuries from using the Resistance Bands. The black plastic ball on the resistance cord could release while being attached to a door, which could hit the consumer. Two reports of people involved permanent vision loss because they were hit in the eye by the door anchor ball. The extent of the injury to the third victim is unknown, according to Target. .

To remedy the problem, Target will be providing instructions on how to properly repair the resistance cords so that they are safe to use again. Consumers are instructed to stop using the resistance band products until they are able to complete the necessary repair.

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